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Class 1 - Adult cats - 42 entries

1st Marmaduke D McDonald Banks   1st Murphy S Burrough
2nd Alfie D McKenzie   2nd Felixy S Zamouri
3rd Bijou D Day   3rd Boots G Booker
4th Jethro D Carter   4th Ezzy P Sutton
5th Fluff S Zamouri   5th Sophie D Day
6th Guinness J Valpied   6th Candy N Rowe
Specials   M Leyland   Specials   M Cregan

Judge Comments: The two winners had that special appeal Marmaduke had the most magnificent ginger markings and he looked so regal on the burgundy couch he was a star. Murphy had that come and get me cute appeal the judge liked. All entered in this class could have been winner.

Best Adult Cat




Class 2 - Kittens - 15 entries

1st Oscar D Day
2nd Honey G Smart
3rd Caress S Zamouri
4th Felixy S Zamouri
5th Felix C Stevens
6th Murphy P Heard
Special S Jamie
Special D Mc Kenzie

Judges Comments: The Big ahhh!! Factor come here Oscar loving the flower he was so cute everyone loves a chocolate box kitten.


Best Kitten





Class 3 - Sleepy Cats - 45 Entries

1st Honey G Smart   1st Thea D McKenzie
2nd Gunnies J Valpied   2nd Issey D Kerr
3rd Newtei S Burrough   3rd Fluff S Zamouri
4th Tanis D McKenzie   4th Murphy S Burrough
5th Drake M Cregan   5th Emma D Carter
6th Jenny M Leyland   6th Siamese S Jamie
Specials   D Day   Specials   A Warrior

Judges Comments: The winning picture were truly stunning red Honey on red background was breathtaking and Thea was the cutest sleepy kitten you could imagine what a brilliant class.

Best Sleepy Cat








Class 4 - Wide awake and Wacky cats - 18 entries

1st Rax G Smart
2nd Ezzy P Sutton
3rd Casey K and L Wareling
4th Zeberdee D Carter
5th Amy M Abbott
6th Felix C Steves
Special D Kerr
Special A Warrior

Judges Comment: What can you say about wacky Rax  this is the funniest picture i have seen it made me laugh for ages he is such a character.


Best Wide awake and Wacky


Class 5 - Angel Cats  - 20 entries

1st Sukie S Zamouri
2nd Holly G Booker
3rd Duchess A Warrior
4th Guiness J Valpied
5th Teddy P Sutton
6th Sarah D Day
Special M Abbott
Special M Cregan

Judges comments: Sukie look so angelic perfect angel cat what a lovely class to judge the cats were all beautiful.

Best Angel Cat


Class 6 - Naughy Cats - 11 entries

1st Liquorice M Cregan
2nd Rax G Smart
3rd Sophie D Day
4th Kimmy D Day
5th Issy D Kerr
6th Joel M Leyland
Special J Valpied
Special P Sutton

Judges Comments: What can you say about liquorice trying to steal the Sunday roast what a naughty cat indeed!!! this was a amusing class cats at their naughtiest.

Best Naughty


Class 7 - Headshot any animal - 23 entries

1st Smudge and Kerry B Hayes
2nd Magic S Jamie
3rd Alfie D McKenzie
4th Tyke (Akita) P Heard
5th Whisper P Sutton
6th Rocky S Zamouri
Special G Smart
Special T Vernon

Judges Comments: These lovely dogs posed beautifully for this photo they are like twins what a perfect portrait!!

Best  Headshot



Class 8 - Best Photography - 22 Entries

1st Passion Flower P Heard
2nd Kimmy D Day
3rd Tiger B Hayes
4th Rax G Smart
5th Male Ginger S Jamie
6th Whisper Summer and Sunny P Sutton
Special S Jamie
Special D McDonald Banks

Judges Comments: What wonder photography of a passion flower perfectly in focus it says everything beautiful about nature and colour worthy a winner.

Best Photography




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