Delivery of Services

All services will be Partner led with ultimate responsibility laying with that Partner for delivery of Services not only those provided by the Firm but also for those sourced via the practice. The seamless approach is both what we offer and what we are responsible for.

Regular meetings take place with Clients at intervals to suit their needs to ensure the continued high level of Service, to take account of any changing circumstances and also simply to provide an ongoing review of the relationship.

All work will be carried out against the background of an agreed Relationship Letter setting out the Scope of Services, the personnel involved, our general terms of business, the level and frequency of charges and the complaints procedures.

Full daytime and out of hours contact details are provided to all clients.

We adhere to the highest levels of training and professional competence.

Added Value

Assistance in accessing the full range of legal services in the UK , managed from a local point of contact to deliver consistency of advice , control and cost.

Specific approach to integrated professional services working closely with other professional advisors.

High quality experienced advice outside the practice area of Guernsey Advocates.


Practical Advantages

Convenience with local offices with car parking

No VAT for services delivered in Guernsey to Off Shore clients.

Personal Guernsey based service for UK work.

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