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Cat Beds



The Super Luxury Cat Napper

PURRfect for resting weary paws and head.


Our luxurious Fleecy-lined Cat Napper is the ideal bed to keep your cat warm and comfortable all night and contented during the day. The Napper is made from printed cotton backed with a luxurious fleecy lining and, for protection against cold draughts, a firm but comfortable surround.


The Napper can be placed in those places cats prefer to sleep, keeping them warm and content, also protecting carpets, furniture, beds, etc. in Summer the Napper can be reversed so that your pet is kept cool yet still retaining the fleecy cushioned surround.


Code Colour  
LCN1 All Colours £8.85






The Luxurious Cat Lap Mat

  You and your cat will definitely be content when being groomed or cuddled using The Luxurious Cat LAP MAT. The Luxurious Cat Lap Mat will  protect your clothes from unwanted hair and your legs from those sharp intrusive claws.


The LAP MAT can further be used to protect furniture, bedding, rugs etc., For all those sought after places where cats love to go, the luxurious fleece on one side is warm and comfortable whilst the reverse is covered with cotton. The Luxurious Cat Lap Mat is printed with appealing designs or alternatively a self coloured dyed fabric.


The LAP MAT is fully machine washable, hygienic, comfortable and folds up small enough to be taken anywhere. It is ideal as a grooming aid or when administering medicine. The LAP MAT protects not only the home, but can be used in a  car or on those dreaded visits to the vet - making the transport seem at least a little more friendly and comforting.


Code Colour  
LCL1 All Colours £6.85





The Cosy Cat Bed

This new cosy cat bed has been developed and designed to encompass all the requirements necessary to make the cat and its owner perfectly contented.


The COSY CAT BED is fleecy lined to maximise its warmth and comfort and if preferred, the bed can be reversed so that it has a cooler aspect.


The COSY CAT BED can be placed anywhere in the house the cat chooses or prefers to be. The bed has been designed to give perfect room for the comfort of the cat, whether large or small.


There are many other designs in our range of prints suited to cats.


Code Colours  
CCB1 All Colours £14.85

Ben and Rocky







The Mog Wam - The Safari Range

The Mog Wam has been introduced to meet the demands of cats that like to have a little excitement and mystery in their lives.


The Mog Wam is the special safe place for hiding - playing - sleeping and generally snuggling into with all ones treasured possessions.


The safari range is a specially selected collection of animal skin prints which is compatible with most catís attire and also the decor of the home. The Mog Wam is fully lined with warm soft luxurious fleece and can be put into those places which have been carefully selected and established as the catís own into territory.


The construction of the Mog Wam is such that it can be easily transported and cannot damage furniture, children or other pets. The Mog Wam is machine washable and made for the total comfort of the occupant.


Code Colour  
MW1 All Colours £18.45





The Cat's Pad

The Catís Pad was designed and produced to totally meet all the fundamental requirements of the discerning cat. A cat which demands total comfort and warmth from a bed.


The Catís Pad is filled with an inner made from high density, fire retardant fibre which retains its shape during use and after washing. The inner pad is non-allergenic, non toxic and totally supportive. Additionally it allows warm air to be held between the fibres which conserves the catís body heat.


The Catís Pad is particularly valuable for cats which are troubled with arthritic or muscular pains.


The cover is removable and machine washable. The Catís Pad can be placed with the fleece uppermost for extra warmth or reversed in summer. The Catís Pad is ideal for use in the home, car caravan etc. and can be placed in any convenient space without risk of damaging furniture.


Code Colour  
CP1 All Colours £14.85





The Cat's Settles

For the casual cat who just wants to have a rest from the days trials whilst still being able to keep a watchful eye on the world around.
Fully reversible and washable at 40 degrees


Code Colour  
CS2 All Colours £13.25




Cosy Cover & Cushion For Cats

The Cosy Cover and Cushion can be fitted onto most makes of rigid moulded plastic pet beds.
The special construction of the stretch fleece allows and maintains a secure snug fit, but can be easily removed for washing.
The reversible Cosy Cushion when placed in the bed holds the cover in place.
The Cosy Cushion is filled with non-allergic, non-toxic fibre, which allows warm air to be retained and will conserve the body heat of the animal.

Cosy Cover

Code Sizes
DCC1 15" - 18" £6.95
DCC2 21" - 24" £8.55
DCC3 27" - 30" £9.85
DCC4 33" - 36" £11.45


Cosy Cushion

Code Sizes
DCC5 15" -18" £6.95
DCC6 21" - 24" £8.55
DCC7 27" - 30" £9.85
DCC8 33" - 36" £11.45


Rollo, Millie, Ben and Rocky




Rufus and Cleo




The Softee Pet Bed

A comfortable all round general purpose soft bed available in many attractive fabrics.  With itís reversible cushion, making the summer days cooler and with the fleece side up,  warm during the winter months making it the perfect snugly pet bed.


Code Sizes  
SPB1S Small £12.85
SPB2M Medium £16.95
SPB3L Large £22.95






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