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Dog Beds



Cosy Cover & Cushion for Dog

The Cosy Cover and Cushion can be fitted onto most makes of rigid moulded plastic pet beds.


The special construction of the stretch fleece allows and maintains a secure snug fit, but can be easily removed for washing.


The reversible Cosy Cushion when placed in the bed holds the cover in place.
The Cosy Cushion is filled with non-allergic, non-toxic fibre, which allows warm air to be retained and will conserve the body heat of the animal.

Cosy Cover

Code Size  
DCC1 15" - 18" 6.95
DCC2 21" - 24" 8.55
DCC3 27" - 30" 9.85
DCC4 33" - 36" 11.45

Cosy Cushion

Code Size  
DCC5 15" - 18" 6.95
DCC6 21" - 24" 8.55
DCC7 27" - 30" 9.85
DCC8 33" - 36" 11.45





Ben and Bella 






The Softee Pet Bed


A comfortable all round general purpose soft bed available in may attractive fabrics. With it's reversible cushion, making the summer days cooler and with the fleece side up, warm during the winter months making it the perfect snugly pet bed.


Code Size  
SPB1S Small 12.85
SPB2M Medium 16.95
SPB3L Large 22.95









Dog Lounger


Treat your dog to the cosy comfort of the Dog Lounger. Illustrated is one of the new designs introduced into an exciting range of print for the Loungers.

The Dog Lounger is filled with a specially made pad of high density fire retardant fibre which retains its shape during use after washing.

The pad is non-allergenic and non-toxic and whilst being totally supportive it allows warm air to be held in the fibres which conserves the body heat of the dog.

The Dog Lounger has been designed to produce a dog bed which is comfortable, Hygienic and attractive


Available in four sizes:

Code Size  
DL1S Small, 38cm x 50cm (15" x 20") 14.85
DL2M Medium, 50cm x 64cm (20" x 25") 17.25
DL3L Large, 64cm x 96cm (25" x 37") 20.95
DL4J Jumbo, 75cm x 102cm (30" x 40") 28.35


Spare Covers are available in four sizes:

Code Size
DLS1S Small, 38cm x 50cm (15" x 20") 9.15
DLS2M Medium, 50cm x 64cm (20" x 25") 10.95
DLS3L Large, 64cm x 96cm (25" x 37") 14.45
DLS4J Jumbo, 75cm x 102cm (30" x 40") 16.95



The Dog Settle

Four the casual happy dog who just wants to have a rest from the days sniffing and walking whilst being able to keep that watchful protective eye on the world around.

Fully fleece reversible and washable at 40 degrees


Code Size  
DS1S Small 18.35
DS2M Medium 22.35
DS3L Large 26.35








Throw - Over Rug

The pet Throw-over rug is made to provide maximum comfort in those places where it is inconvenient to move the pet's regular bed.

The throw-over rug is made to be washed by machine or hand and after washing the pile can be raised with a gentle brushing.


Code Size  
DLS1 Small, 20" x 20" (50cm x 50cm) 8.43
DLM2 Medium, 40" x 30" (100cm x 150cm) 21.00
DLL3 Large, 60" x 60" (150cm x 150cm) 33.57




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