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Dog Lounger

Treat your dog to the cosy comfort of the Dog Lounger. Illustrated is one of the new designs introduced into an exciting range of print for the Loungers.

The Dog Lounger is filled with a specially made pad of high density fire retardant fibre which retains its shape during use after washing.

The pad is non-allergenic and non-toxic and whilst being totally supportive it allows warm air to be held in the fibres which conserves the body heat of the dog.

The Dog Lounger has been designed to produce a dog bed which is comfortable, Hygienic and attractive

Available in four sizes:

Code Size  
DL1S Small, 38cm x 50cm (15" x 20") 14.85
DL2M Medium, 50cm x 64cm (20" x 25") 17.25
DL3L Large, 64cm x 96cm (25" x 37") 20.95
DL4J Jumbo, 75cm x 102cm (30" x 40") 28.35

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