C++ Code

Because we are mainly a C/C++ programming company, we often have a requirement for small C++ classes that are usually platform independant. Sometimes we decide to release some of them to the public. Here's a small sample..


Using these classes can save you a considerable amount of time and trouble

Search C++ class for text searching with complex & | ! bracketed queries
String Dynamic string class allows automatic growth, sprintf like appends
Date/Time Sophisticated date/time class
URL Simple URL encode/decode function
LinkedList Single linked list class
C-tree Faircom C-tree C++ wrapper classes
TextFile Reads text files line by line - includes all source, as it's so simple!

Typically, we give you the header files so that you can see their functionality, and some code snippets where they are being used. Then, if you think they would help you, contact us for license/source code.