Store - Ecommerce server


Scalable – 1 web server can connect to multiple ecommerce servers – each of which can support several thousand users

Platform independent and fast – it’ll compile on most platforms because it's written in C++ without specific platform dependant libraries.

Uses FastCGI, the Faircom server and multithreading – allows efficient system utilization and persistent processes. Also can scale and run with all main web servers such as Apache, Zeus, and perhaps Microsoft's IIS.

Integrates to Sales system to provide dynamic content. When a product's details change, the web application's caches are soon updated automatically, even if the web app is in a different country to the Sales system. There are no 'static' html pages to keep up to date, because all the content is made 'on-the-fly'.

Version 2 will be multi-lingual and multi-currency. Again, the dynamic content nature of the product really shines here.

Designed to cope with several thousand simultaneous clients requests, Store and Xact use state of the art techniques and polished, tight code to give incredible performance on modest servers.


Under development & testing.

Simulated 10,000 user load tested ok.

Multithreading engine working.

HTML generation working.

'Shopping basket' under development


How does it all work (more detail).



Windows NT4/2000 / FreeBSD / Most UNIXes / Linux

NB. When evaluating web servers, keep in mind that Apache running on a modest Pentium can flood a 10mbs external network connection, and it is super stable. For most people, Apache would be the server of choice - it also has >60% of the market & is free).