What we do, who we are.

We are a Guernsey registered software development company who specialise in high performance applications, usually written in C/C++. In general, the work that we undertake is of a 'bespoke' nature, or is for other software companies; however we will be starting to market our own products shortly.

Most of our development is done in Prague, in the Czech Rep., and our administration and marketing from Guernsey, C.I.

We have undertaken important projects for several of the larger banks such as Barclays, much sub-contract work for other software companies, and indirectly for companies such as BT, where our software handles the communications for satellite time booking for news broadcasts. Shipping and oil companies use our communication software for INMARSAT/Telex/Fax transmissions. Well known mail order companies such as MX2 use our Sales and (shortly) Ecommerce software. Banks use our telex and fax server software. One UK hotel group used/es our fax software to transmit up to 10,000 faxes per weekend for reservation confirmation.

Sometimes we release source code for small components - if you're a software developer, you can find this invaluable. There are a few examples given in this site.