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We offer a full range of business services for the small to medium sized business enterprises. click here for details

Our team consists of dedicated professionals in their chosen fields, everyone from Microsoft certified engineers, graphic designers, artists, marketing services and, of course, someone to tie all the pieces together!

Our policy is simple, 'The customer is always right, just that sometimes we have to help you decide what is right!'

We do not offer the following:

Quoting by 'Numbers'. If you want prices for one of our services or products we will carefully evaluate all the options available. Only after careful consideration of your needs will we furnish you with a detailed quote. Sometimes our advice sends you to another company, we will not accept work that we are not able to complete to your requirements.

Hardware Products 'Off the Shelf' With the ever increasing pace of product updates we do not consider it viable to carry large stocks of products. We will not sell  you what we have had on the shelves for months, or even years. Our close links with major trade suppliers means that we have access to huge stocks of products from most major manufacturers at very reasonable prices. The drawback? You may have to wait 2 or 3 days longer, but you get what you want, not what we need to get rid of!

Anonymous Staff. We will do all that is possible to ensure that you deal with the same team members whenever you need our services. You deserve to have contacts that knows how your company works.

Exorbitant Prices. Your business is important to us, we do not intend to jeopardise that by charging you sky high fees. We want to be your chosen partner for many years to come.


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