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'We' are a company based in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands.

Don't let that put you off, our services are available wherever you may be.

We don't really care where you live, the World is a small space when you use the power of the Internet.

Our small, friendly team consists of professionals in their field, web designers, network engineers, graphic designers and artists. Ably supported by our sales team.

Phil is the boss, or so the others let him believe. His job is to pull it all together. He will probably be your first contact with the company. If you need business support, instant website plans, hardware or software supplies, Phil will be the one you initially deal with.

Chris is the technical brains. Many years dealing with Microsoft products and networking means that he will be able to solve all your connectivity problems. He is also a talented web designer and will be the one that will design your bespoke company site.

Peter is our graphics wizard. A talented artist and cartoonist he has now turned his hand to computer graphics. Well known locally for his talent at spotting the humour in any situation.

Sue is our Instant Website marketing executive. With many years experience in the business she will be able to advise you on the best Instant Website plan for your company.

Madeleine is responsible for marketing most of our Island Directory advertising slots. You are assured of a warm, friendly service.

Tanya looks after the finances. Blame her if our prices aren't always as low as you would like, we do have to make a living after all!