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Defiant Stove from Vermont Castings

Vermont Castings

Cornucopia Ltd. The stove and cooker store where you are offered an abundance of ideas and the widest range of stoves and cookers in the Channel Islands. Cornucopia's business is to provide you with warmth and comfort and an appliance that is visually pleasing. The company is owned and run by stove enthusiasts Bas Tough and his wife Ricci. They are manufacturers appointed agents for over 30 manufacturers from all over the world (mainly the cold bits) e.g. America, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Europe, Britain and Ireland.

Bas has specialised in this field and in flues and chimneys for the past 26 years. Cornucopia Ltd (formerly trading as Bass. C. Tough.) is a small local company who always carry a large range of stock and who can advise you on the suitability of the various appliances to fit any given situation - workshop, conservatory, kitchen, sitting room, chapel halls, barns, boats and hideaways. Whether you yearn for the unusual, traditional, modern minimalist or the ornate you are sure to find something here to please you.

Most of the range cookers use oil as a fuel but we can offer others that burn wood or solid fuel. There is also a choice of fuels for the stoves i.e. wood, coal, anthracite, oil or bottled gas. In addition some stoves and all the range cookers, can if you wish provide hot water or central heating.

Cornucopia can offer you a flue and chimney consultancy service, installation, maintenance, repairs and spare parts of The Sandyford Classicmost makes of heating appliances. They are O.F.T.E.C. registered and so are qualified to service and/or commission all oil domestic appliances. Their qualifications and training are constantly upgraded with the manufacturers who have chosen them as their representatives.

The Sandyford Classic

40 years of English excellence produced this traditionally crafted range cooker. Twin jet oil fired burner capable of cooking and providing domestic hot water and central heating, on a just beautiful traditional cooker aided by modern technology

When only the best will do. If you want something that is exciting and different and worthy of the millenium. Something with the 'WOW'. Something that is created specifically with you in mind and is environmentally friendly take a look at..

The very latest in thermal technology with twin pressure jet burners each having an impressive efficiency rating of up to 90%

Sixteen colour options, six boiler options. The largest ovens on the market, surpasses all forthcoming European Standards including C.E. approval.

Yeoman Stoves

Barbas Panolux

Manufacturers' appointed agents for.

Aarow - Alpha Cookers - Barbas - Calfire - Harworth Heating - Deville - Don Bar - Don Heating Products - Dovre - Duck - Efel - Esse - Focus - Franco Belge - Godin - Hergom - Heta - H.R.M. Boilers - Hunter - Jotul - Masport - Morley - Morso - Nestor Martin - Oilwarm - Reddis Foundry - Sandyford Cookers - Stanley Cookers - Tortoise - Vermont Castings - Villager - Warmland Stoves - Woodwarm - Yeoman. Also AGA - Kuhn Rikon - And Eye Witness Stainless Steel Cookware. Plus Flue Pipe and Much Much More.

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