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Hello, My name is Jasper and I live on the beautiful Island of Guernsey at La Cloche Hotel, I am a Fawn French Lop, with a fluffy white tummy, huge ears and paws. I'm one year old and still growing. Maybe that is because my favorite foods are ginger nut biscuits, chocolate buttons and Dandilions!!! 

I live in a huge cage in a large shed with all my Friends.

Let me introduce you:-

Sooty - (black doe)

Sooty is a huge black French lop and wonderful Mum. She currently has 7 babies. Two white and Five Agouti (wild rabbit colours). These rabbits make excellent house pets and are very happy to sit on your lap and go to sleep or curl up in front of a nice log fire.


Meet Basil (opal buck)

Basil is Opal Lop, as you can see from the many different colours of his fur.
He is a very fluffy rabbit and has huge eyes.


Meet Lucy (Chinchilla Doe)

This fine Chinchilla Lop is a superb specimen of this type of French Lop. Her coat is similar to that of the real Chinchilla. She has the most wonderful temperament and loves having her ears rubbed. Her favourite food is Savoy Cabbage and Chocolate Hob Nob Biscuits.

Meet Chalky

Chalky is the son of Lucy and is 26 weeks old. He is as soft as his mum and just loves attention. chalkies favourite pastime is rolling around outside on the lawn and in the flower beds and often becomes a 'brown rabbit' - but is soon white again.


Meet Bella

Bella is an Isabella Lop, rare and very beautiful. She is only 27 weeks old and come to stay with us in January this year. She is very large for her age and will soon be entered into the Local Shows here in Guernsey.

French Lops - History

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