Time Differences

To help you telephone at the right time, the basic time differences are shown for each country based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is from October to March.

Phoning home from abroad

You should check that you can dial direct to the British Isles from the telephone available. If so, dial

- the International access code used in that country + 44 to reach the British Isles
- the STD code, omitting the first figure 0;
e.g. for Guernsey dial 1481
- the customer's number required

What it costs to dial from a fixed line phone
International calls are charged on a per second basis. The charge depends on the duration of the call and where you are calling. Details of the fixed line charge for each country are shown in the following pages.
Charge rates are flat rate charges and apply at all times
Flat Rate any time of day or night, Monday to Sunday

How to make an international call

Dial the international access code; followed by the country code, then the area code, and finally the customer's number.
All the international codes are listed in this section of our web site and also in the blue section of the Telephone directory. A selection of area codes is listed under each country code, where applicable.
Hints on Dialling

Write down the full number, including the international access, country and area codes, before you dial.
Dial the number carefully, without long pauses between digits. After dialling, be prepared to wait for up to a minute before you are connected and hear a tone. Tones used in other countries are often different from those used in the British Isles.

Tones you may hear

  • EUROPE: medium pitched tone with quite long pauses. On calls to FRANCE a series of rapid pips may be heard, advising that the call has been connected.
  • NORTH AMERICA: low pitched bursts of tone.


  • EUROPE: medium pitched tone with shorter pauses than for ringing tone.
  • NORTH AMERICA: medium pitched tone with short pauses.

Tones used in other countries vary considerably. For advice on tones dial the International Operator on 155.

Customer Support

If a country is not listed in these pages, it is not yet available by international direct dialling. If you wish to make a call to a country not shown, or have difficulty dialling direct, or want to make a collect (reverse charge) or personal call, contact the International Operator on 155.