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How does the Box Scheme Work?

The idea of forming direct links between consumers and growers/farmers is now well established in Britain. It benefits both the customer and the producer. Customers receive fresh organic produce on a regular basis, whilst the producer has a reliable market which isn't subject to the 'cosmetic' dictates of the supermarkets. By supplying direct to the customer, the producer eliminates the middle-man's mark-up and so can keep costs down. Our box scheme operates as follows:-

Customers receive a weekly box of seasonal vegetables called a vegebox, which is delivered to their house and are kept informed of which vegetables to expect by means of an occasional newsletter. The boxes are filled with as wide a selection of seasonal produce as possible.

We don't price out each item individually; it's more a case of every customer receiving a share of the harvest. If we have a seasonal glut of one particular crop, we will distribute it between all the boxes and everyone benefits. This gives customers the opportunity to freeze any excess produce for the winter months, or maybe give some to their family or friends!

It's important to grasp this concept as we do not run an individual ordering service, although customers have the opportunity of opting out of any vegetables they really dislike, in which case we try to give a substitute or provide them with an additional quanity of another vegetable. Think of us as your 'gardener', going to your vegetable patch and harvesting whatever is ready!

If at any time you find you are not getting what you require, please contact us and we can discuss it with you.

Fresh organic vegebox

What are the benefits?

  • Fresh, wholesome and tasty organic food at reasonable price.
  • Seasonal variety.
  • Free from genetic modification.
  • Less packaging and waste.
  • Support for sustainable horticulture and local producers.

How much does it cost?

A Vegebox will cost you £14, including delivery. We also offer a smaller vegebag, costing £7, which may be collected from various locations, including the Hansa shops. Organic Fruit bags (£8 each) and organic eggs (£1.40 for 6) are also available.

Fruit bag

Vegebox or Vegebag?

To help you decide which would suit you best, we list below the main features of each:


  • £14 per box, including delivery.
  • Contains a minimum of 8 different vegetables (very often more in the summer), including 'staples' such as potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. as well as more exotic items such as aubergines, celeriac, etc.
  • Depending upon your circumstances, a vegebox should be enough for a couple or small family for about a week, although we can't, of course, guarantee to supply all your vegetable needs!
  • Delivered to your house (we cover most of the island, except a few outlying areas).
  • Payment: weekly or in advance (cash or cheque).
  • Organic Fruit Bags and/or organic eggs may also be ordered and delivered with your vegebox.

Salad Bags

From time to time you may find a salad bag in your vegebox (a bag of tasty salad leaves). The contents will vary, but may include any combination of the following: oriental saladini (small leaves picked from a mixture of immature oriental brassicas or salad leaves), tiny spinach plants, lettuce leaves, rocket, miner's (or lamb's) lettuce. We have just begun to experiment with a number of new crops and hope to increase our range over the course of the next year, so the bags will become more interesting and colourful as time goes by. They can either be eaten raw, as a salad, with your favourite dressing, or the oriental saladini (mainly winter and early Spring) can be stir-fried, if you prefer.

Washing of Organic Produce

Please wash the contents of the salad bags before serving. We rinse the dirt off to the best of our ability but they are not packed under sterile conditions. We are often asked if it's necessary to wash organic produce. We suggest that it is always advisable to wash all fruit and vegetables before eating them. Organic produce hasn't been sprayed with any harmful chemicals but it may have been handled by several people before it reaches you and contain residues of dust and/or dirt, which could harbour harmful bacteria.


  • £7 per bag, available from collection points (see Order form for more details).
  • Contains 5 or 6 different vegetables in smaller quantities.
  • A more basic selection of vegetables, including staples such as potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. Does not normally contain the more 'exotic' items.
  • Suitable for small households or customers requiring less at a budget price.
  • Payment for vegebags must made in advance of collection, possibly a month at a time.
  • Organic Fruit Bags and/or organic eggs may also be ordered with your vegebag. If you order a vegebag and a fruit bag together (total order value £15), we can deliver to your house).

How do I pay?

Vegebox customers can pay weekly by leaving the correct money (cheque or cash) in the 'flap' on the side of the previous week's empty box. Or you can send us a cheque for, say, 4 week's vegeboxes (£56) in advance. If you are paying cash each week it helps enormously if you have the correct money ready when we call as this saves valuable time.

Please make cheques payable to Anne Sandwith and address correspondence to 'Guernsey Organic Growers'. Invoices are not issued, so please keep up to date with your payments.

Bought-in Produce

There are some crops such as main crop potatoes, certain root vegetables and brassicas which we do not grow as we do not have enough land or the necessary machinery for large scale vegetable production. We therefore import these vegetables from specialist organic wholesalers in the UK or direct from registered organic growers in Jersey. This year a local farmer, who has just achieved his Soil Association certification, is growing potatoes and leeks for us. Two small local organic producers who are in our Producers' Group, also supply us from time to time.

How do I join the scheme?

Turn to our Orders Page for downloadable application forms. It's that simple!

Finally, if you have any queries or anything you wish to discuss, please ring us on 237547, fax us on 233045 or send e-mail. We welcome any feedback or any ideas you may have about improving the scheme.

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