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Our young turnips are available in April and May and again in the autumn. We grow a variety called Milan Purple Top which is a fast growing turnip, tinged with pink, with a slightly peppery taste and crisp texture. The French call them navets and they are harvested when quite small. Store them in a cool, dry place and use before they lose their crispness. Whilst they are quite young, we leave the green tops on them, which are also edible (see below). Turnips are a good source of calcium and potassium.


TurnipThey should not need peeling, simply trim, then simmer or steam until tender. They are delicious raw, thinly sliced or grated into salads. Anna Ross in Green Cuisine suggests serving them in an orange glaze.

Turnip Tops

Like beet greens, they are both delicious and nutritious. Use whilst still fresh, before they start wilting too much. Slice them and boil or steam for a few minutes, then drain and serve with butter.