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Winter Radish

Winter radish are slower growing and larger than summer ones and therefore not quite so crisp. They may be used in salads (I recommend grating or slicing), or chopped up and used in stews or stir-fries. They are similar to turnips but with a hotter, more pungent flavour and may be cooked in the same way. Different varieties have different characteristics. We have obtained organic seed wherever possible.

Rosa (organic seed):

One for those who enjoy strong flavoured radishes. It has a smooth red skin and white flesh and is tapered. Perfect for slicing.

Summer Cross (Mouli):

Japanese variety with long white roots. Not very 'hot' but stays crisp for a long period.

Black Spanish Round (Organic seed):

A black skinned globe variety with crisp white flesh and peppery flavour. It is also known as Bavarian because (according to Lawrence Hills), "it is served raw, and sliced into sticks in beer halls, where its stronger flavour is reputed to encourage beer drinking amongst the rare Bavarians who need encouragement". It has a black skin so needs peeling rather than just scrubbing.