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A typical course covers:


Understanding Retirement

       Current and past attitudes to retirement

       What makes for a successful retirement

       How life changes affect people and how they adapt to major transitions

       How home life may change

       Ensuring a safe and secure life


Finance in Retirement

       Income from pensions and savings

       Supplementing your pension income

       Working in Retirement both paid and voluntary work

       Budgeting for your retirement

       Dealing with your savings - the right investments

       Dealing with the tax man

       Getting the best from Social Insurance


Health in Retirement

       Looking after yourself

        enjoying your food

        taking exercise

        dealing with stress - some relaxation techniques

       Coping with illness both as a carer and as a patient

       Lengthening your life span and quality of life


Enjoying Retirement




       Helping others









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26th to 28th November, 2002 at the Peninsula Hotel



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