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The Course from 26th to 28th November, 2002 will cover all the items set out for a typical course.

 ·       Working in Retirement – both paid and   voluntary work

·       Investment - how to get the best out of your money

·       Diet - designing a satisfactory diet

·       Exercise - determining an exercise programme

·       Coping with illness – both as a carer and as a patient

·       Security and Safety in retirement – protecting oneself and one’s property

·       Travel and hobbies – getting the most out of your retirement

·       Stress – how to relax in retirement and stay satisfied


Included with the course is:

·       An excellent reference book for so many aspects of retirement.

·       Coffee or tea on arrival, during the morning and in the afternoon

·       Lunch in the Hotel restaurant

A set of detailed notes providing the ‘Guernsey’ view of retirement and local sources of information and points of contact.


Course Tutor—John Dempster

 John retired in 1994 from the States of Guernsey

 where he was a Chief Officer. On retirement he set up his own management consultancy.

He has devised and run the pre-retirement course for the States of Guernsey since 1995








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26th to 28th November, 2002 at the Peninsula Hotel



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