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Film Purchase

The film can be purchased from John H. Dempster Associates who are the sole distributors and own the copyright. Just print  the form complete it and send it with your cheque to the address below.




A Single User Licence allows the video cassette purchased to be used for the benefit of a single educational or training establishment. This means it may be shown only within the premises or at the private home of any individual who is registered as working at that establishment.

A Multi User Licence allows the videocassette to be loaned or hired to other users.

Format: The standard format is PAL. An extra charge of 5.00 per copy is made for copies in NTSC or SECAM format










Contact us at [email protected]

  Order Form  
Please print and complete the order form and send the completed form with your cheque to JHDA at the address below
  User Licence No of Copies Price Total  
  Single User   40.00    
  Multi User   80.00    
  Carriage   2.00    
  Sub Total        
  VAT   @17%    
  Telephone   Post Code    



John H.Dempster Associates

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Phone: 01481 246114

Fax: 01481 243323

Mobile: 07781 143323

Email: [email protected]


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