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The Aim

The courses help participants to enjoy their retirement and specifically help them:

ŕ      Plan their retirement

ŕ      Manage changes in their lifestyle at retirement

ŕ      Look forward positively to retirement

Who Should Attend

The courses are suitable for those who have retired or those who are within five years of retirement.

Course Content

Experts will be introduced to the course to talk and answer questions on particular subjects such as Social Security, Finance, Health. Appropriate videos will help to illustrate the course.

Course members will have the opportunity to explore their own ideas during the course and the ideas introduced by the course tutor.

A number of retired people will be introduced to the course members so that they can gain a wider experience

The courses are informal and participative.


Courses are run every autumn which are open to anyone to attend. These are three day courses.

 In 2002 the course will be held from 26th to 28th November at the Peninsula Hotel, Guernsey. 5 17 Prices are reasonable.

 Courses—Tailor made

Tailor made courses have been run for individual organisations such as: The States of Guernsey, the States of Alderney, NRG International.

 Contact John H. Dempster Associates to arrange to attend a course or to arrange for a tailor made course to be set up for you.








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26th to 28th November, 2002 at the Peninsula Hotel



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