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John Dempster was born in England and went to King Edward VI School, Southampton. His qualification in Russian  was gained  through the Civil Service Interpretership Examination. He  went on to Pembroke College, Cambridge to obtain an MA in Physics. With this he joined PA Management Consultants and qualified both as a management accountant and a management consultant.

 John Dempster is a Certified Management Consultant and a Chartered Management Accountant.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Management, a Certified Management Consultant and a Chartered Management Accountant.

 John Dempster speaks fluent Russian and knows French and German.

 He is married with three children and moved to live in Guernsey in 1976 where he is still based

 Career Resume

 John Dempster is the principal consultant of JHD Associates and has worked in UK Russia and Ukraine.  He has helped companies in finding finance and developing new joint ventures.  He has advised on management training for Local Government officials who are adapting to a market economy.

 In the British Isles he has helped firms selling to Russia and advised financial businesses on the economic situation in Russia and on finance for business in Russia.

 He has worked with MSD International Ltd. to design, implement and test business continuity plans and train staff in their use. In Guernsey he runs pre-retirement courses for the Government.

 He is an experienced Chief Officer in Government, in economic development, organisational change, preparing new legislation and negotiating international agreements.  He worked with the Government of the Bailiwick of Guernsey for 18 years advising and assisting in economic and commercial development particularly with regard to financial services, industry and agriculture.

 John is an experienced team leader of groups of consultants having spent 14 years as a Management Consultant with PA Management Consultants in the UK specialising in organisation and profit improvement especially in engineering, printing and  government.






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