You need to get your business advertised on www.

You need your site upgrading.

Your local charity or sports club need a site .

You want a site done just for you.

Look no further.

S.R.A Web design (Guernsey), in association with aims to provide a cost effective, efficient service to small businesses and for personal use both in the Channel Islands where we are based, and world wide, creating web sites that are attractive, effective and quick and most of all, inexpensive.

Put your web space to use! Sites can start from as little as £25.00 ! For this you would get 1 A4 size page, along with pictures and text. If you already have an account so much the better. We would use your existing account to set up your web site. If not, we would set up a site for you at or

Projects undertaken so far: Biggest projects so far. These are totally commercial sites aimed to lower the cost of advertising and at the same time give more to look at for the potential buyer. You can have a temporary site set up to sell all, sell a car, boat and more. Includes world wide news updated constantly, forum, web based email, free classified advertising, and is open world wide. A project to promote Guernsey as a tourist attraction. This is an on-going project, and still needs alot more information before completion. This is a typical page set up advertising a removal service on the island of Guernsey.

Pete's disco. An x pirate DJ offering his services to the community of Guernsey A page set up advertising Kleeneze as a business opportunity. A personal home site set up.

To save alot of time, to simply get a full price and service list just send a blank email to [email protected]

Our next projects starting shortly is a site for the community of Western Australia and again in WA, littlefolk, a new charity which is raising money for cancer research.

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