Visitors to Guernsey will find little to restrict their holiday plans, despite the current outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

The islands of Guernsey remain disease free, with few restrictions on movement. Mr Chris Brock, Chief Executive of the Guernsey Tourist Board, commented: "Everything that visitors come to see is still freely accessible. Beaches, cliff paths, tourist attractions and country lanes are all open for business. Apart from normal precautions at points of entry, most tourists will not really notice anything different about the island. Despite the problem, restaurants and hotels are generally well supplied".

The Tourist Information Bureau has recorded an increase in enquiries since the outbreak of the epidemic. Mrs Lesley Ward, Tourist Information Services Manager, commented: "Many tourists are rethinking their holiday plans this year, as a result of the epidemic, as few travel insurance policies cover the current situation. Guernsey is proving a popular choice and we are receiving an average of 20 e-mails per day, on top of increased telephone enquiries".

The Guernsey Agriculture and Countryside Board has issued detailed guidelines on the movement of livestock and have emergency plans ready, should an outbreak occur. Precautionary measures are in place, to prevent the disease from entering the islands. Visitors arriving in the island must walk through disinfectant trays and are not permitted to bring dogs or other pets. The wheels of all vehicles arriving in the island are sprayed with disinfectant and there is a temporary ban on the import of meat, uncooked meat products and unpasteurised dairy products from countries contaminated with foot and mouth disease. Any visitors planning to take part in outdoor sports in rural areas should confirm details with organisers beforehand, as some events have been cancelled.

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