Acknowledging that you have a small business and the capital to invest, accordingly you should look around at the alternate web designers available, you can receive some first class advice and indeed get help building your Internet web site, any single web designer will be able to allow you to still get involved with the content and presentation.



I will be happy to carry out the design, layout and hosting for you, once it is set up I will hand the running of the site over to you and instruct you on how to achieve success for your business.


There are so many companies jumping on this band wagon, charging the most ridicules prices.

To get value for your money look at the designs on offer, ask who is behind the scenes, who is pulling the purse strings and how much profit is being made from you.

Ask for samples of web siteís designed.

How many times have you come across a badly designed web site thatís hard to navigate, pictures not loading fully, and least but not last crashes your computer. It may surprise you but most of these sites are designed by people calling them selfís experts, charging businessís hundreds of pounds.

When looking at web site design look at web pages that have been designed and follow this golden rule in your choice.

How fast does the site load into your browser?

Are you kept waiting for the graphics to load?

After the web page has completed downloading onto your computer are their things flashing and blinking distracting you from reading the text content?

These graphics are OK if you are trying to impress but are unacceptable to your customers, and will usually frustrate them and drive them away. The best web page or site is the one that is pleasing to the eye, easy to read and fully explains who you are, what you do and what you have to offer.

Once this has been achieved the potential customer will be happy to navigate your site. This is where you have a theme and links made up using your logo or something associated with your company/business.

Remember itís not how big your company/business is! Itís how itís represented on the web.

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