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Hi! from 'Big E'
I'm a recovering alcoholic who first joined AA in 1991.  After a difficult first year I eventually became sober.  I am acting as webmaster for this site as part of my commitment to AA.  I am not a computer professional, but an alcoholic who in sobriety is now enjoying the challenge of computers, the internet and life in general.  With booze on board I had previously found computers an impossible task.  So for me, this is something beyond my wildest dreams...... just as AA promised.
This is the unofficial site of Alcoholics Anonymous in Guernsey.  Although not endorsed by the General Service Office of AA, it is the aim of this site to offer help to others who may wish to achieve sobriety.  It is not the intention of this group to infringe on work or copyright by any other group or organisation, nor do we claim this internet site to be in any way a substitute for attendance at meetings.
I welcome any suggestions or submissions for the site, but please in the best traditions of AA, keep it simple.
For the technically minded: This site has been constructed using Netscape® Communicator 4.7  No special tools were used just the editor provided with the Netscape Browser package.  Paintshop Pro 7 and Animation Shop were used for special graphics and buttons.
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