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The Guernsey Women's basketball team are the Island Games Bronze Medalists

Congratulations to:   Tammy Greeno, Jenny Hall, Lyndsey Hardman, Tracey Hubert, Debbie Hunter, Kath Hyman, Verona Jackson, Lynette Le Cocq, Tracey Martel, Sarah Stonebridge, Helen Todd and Emma Webb as well as coaches Patrick Ogier and Jamie Roussel.

The results are on the Scoreboard page, for both men and women.

Men's squad:    Chris Bale, Andy Battle, Ben Colley, Adam Farish, Nigel Govett, Tom Grayland, Pierre Jehan, Simon Le Blancq, Andy Mountford, Jamie Roussel, Jim Rowe, Kerry Smyth, Liam Smyth, Andy Stephens,  Paul Van Beek, Ashley Ward, as well as coach Charlie Archenoul


INTER-INSULARS        3 - 0

At Beau Sejour, Guernsey made it 2 years in a row when they won all three matches. Well done to men's coach Charlie Archenoul, women's coach Pat Ogier, and juniors coach Adam Farish and to all the members of the three teams.  Your hard work and dedication paid off again. Congratulations!

Men    70 - 68        Women    41 - 34        Juniors    96 - 44


Men - closest game since 1982 when Guernsey won 59 - 57

Women - First time since 1977 / 1978 that Guernsey have won two in a row.  Smallest Jersey score since 1987 when Jersey won 30 - 27

Juniors - Only once in the last 8 years have Guernsey failed to score 90+.  They have now won 11 on the run.  It was the highest Jersey score in Guernsey since 1991 when Guernsey won 72 - 48.