The Sarnia Sword Club was officially formed on Thursday April 7th 1969. The first Club Chairman was Dorothy Hamon (now Nash), the Club Secretary was David Redhead, the Treasurer was Pat Hutchins and the Club Coach was Val Redhead.

The subscription fees were: Adults 10/- (ten shillings = 50p) and Juniors 5/- (five shillings = 25p)

Fencing was originally organized as a further education class at La Couperderie. In 1976 the venue was moved to the newly opened Beau Sejour Leisure Centre

The Sarnia Sword Club has made visits to Jersey, France, Holland and England and many teams have come here to fence.

Many demonstrations have been given at The Viaer Marche, (local annual festival) and The North Show, amongst other venues.

The Sarnia Sword Club wrote and staged a costume drama called 'The Fable of the Brooch' at Castle Cornet on the Queens Birthday in 1988, and a more recent dramatic success was 'Pirates Ahoy' staged at the Viaer Marche and at The North Regatta in 1996.