The Sarnia Sword Club is Guernsey's only fencing club. Fencing in all three weapons ( Foil, Epee and Sabre )
It consists of 75 active members and regularly takes part in club fencing tournaments in the UK and europe.
The club receives return visits from other clubs including The Royal Navy fencing team, The Jersey fencing teams and The Commonwealth Veteran fencers. The club also receives coaching weekends from visiting coaches, Referee certification tests from British Fencing Association Officials and holds Club leader courses.

Within the Island there are a number of events including the leagues which are held on a monthly basis for members of the club, consisting of a separate league event for each weapon and a veterans league. Other events include, The Inter schools competition, The Island Schools Championship, The mixed ability team competition, The Island Championship and The Channel Island Section Championship

The Club has a junior section for the 10 to 14 age group called The Musketeers (see Musketeer section) who also have their own league events and competitions.

In conclusion, The Sarnia Sword Club is a thriving and committed fencing club with a wealth of knowledge to teach and share in a light-hearted atmosphere conducive to the friendly rivalry required In the noble sport of fencing.

We hope you enjoy this site ............Regards, The Sarnia Sword Club