Julie Fencing

Julie first picked up a foil as a 12 year old at St Sampson ´s Secondary School. She has vivid memories of those early days. A Boys Brigade Display, complete with swords and armoury inspired her to get involved with fencing. Her fencing Coach, Mr Roy Harding, took a little more convincing however. He told her she was too small, that they didn ´t have a jacket to fit and to come back when she was bigger. In the end persistence won the day!

In 1991 Julie clinched her first Channel Island Section title winning the epee placing 2nd in both foil and sabre. Her best achievement was when in 1996 she won 8 out of the 9 Ladies inter-insular and domestic trophies, these included both the Guernsey and C.I Master at Arms and the local foil and epee league trophies. Unfortunately losing by one hit in the C.I section of the ladies sabre competition lost her the 9th title.

In 1993 she qualified as a referee in Foil and Epee and in 1999 qualified as a County Coach in Foil.
Her interest in coaching resulted in helping to set-up "Musketeers ", the junior section of the Sarnia Sword Club in 1998. Julie also coaches regularly at three Island Schools; The Elizabeth College, Ladies College and La Mare de Carteret Secondary School. She also coaches in the Senior Club, giving individual lessons as well as taking adult Beginner ´s class.