The Commonwealth Veteran Fencing Championship

Fencers from Guernsey attended the Commonwealth Veteran Fencers competition in Wrexham. The fencers gained a credible fourth place in the team foil and sixth place in the individual mens sabre.

160 fencers from Commonwealth countries assembled in Wrexham to compete in the fourth Commonwealth Veteran Fencer¹s competition. As well as the home countries including the Isle of Man, fencers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaya and Guernsey attended. This competition is limited to veteran fencers (over 40) fencing for individual positions and team matches for both ladies and gents in all three weapons.

Four veteran fencers, three men, Martin Corbet, Yan Milner and Meyrick Simmonds, fencing individual and team foil, individual sabre and epee represented Guernsey. The ladies were represented by Dorothy Nash who fenced in the individual Foil.

The mens foil had some very strong fencers with a number of ex national champions representing their various countries. The Guernsey fencers competed well however their lack of competition practice showed, no fencer was disgraced with all ending up in the top half of the 48 fencers that started with Meyrick Simmonds finishing up in 16th position. In the ladies foil Dorothy Nash ended in the bottom third of the competition, most of her opposition being a number of years her junior she still managed to take some victories and secured a number of good hits.

The mens team saw the best result of the competition, after completing the preliminary rounds the Guernsey men found themselves fencing against Canada for the third place medal. This was a very close match with the Guernsey ahead; the Canadians kept closing the gap only to see Guernsey open up a clear lead. It was nip and tuck right up until the last fight when Canada sneaked ahead to take the match by 45 - 43, Guernsey ending in fourth place.

In the mens Sabre, Yan Milner completed two pools and a direct elimination round to be eliminated 10 - 7, this ensuring his 10th place. Martin Corbet progressed to the quarter finals; there to face Great Britain number 2 sabreur and competition number 1 seed. The match was very close with the lead changing several times, eventually the score reached 9 all, down to the last hit, the English fencer clinched the hit and claimed the match. Corbet finished the competition in 6th place.

In the mens epee one fencer represented Guernsey. The competition in this weapon was very intense. Meyrick Simmonds completed the pools but was eliminated in the first round to finish midway in the 40-entrant competition.

This was an eye opener for the local fencers. The standard of competition even though it was a veteran's competition was very high. All of the fencers fought very competitively but there was an air of respect and friendliness that a senior age group competition generates, many friendships made and fencing groups displaying interest in visiting Guernsey. An excellently run competition with favorable results for all the local competitors ensured that the next invitation to this event would be received enthusiastically.