The Junior Channel Island Championship

A team of 19 young fencers travelled to Jersey to compete in the Channel Island Fencing Championships. With the competitors taking all but one of the trophies available it proved a very successful day out for local fencing.

The mixed competitions saw the local fencers dominate both the under 11 and the under 13 competitions. Lawrance Makins was the first local fencer to make a final after cruising past Ahton Barker of Jersey. His opponent in the final was Alexander Petit also of Jersey who had reached the final after a very close 10 - 9 win over Ben Hall from Guernsey. Lawrance continues in the final as he had dominated in the semi final winning the under 11 foil championship by 10 hits to 4.

The under 13 mixed foil saw another local fencer reach the final, but not after a very close match with Peter Knight also of Guernsey, Charles winning this conflict by the closest of margins 10 - 9. Alex Mann of Guernsey had a much easier route to the final by way of Jamie Ellington and Katherine Breslin. In the final Charles managed to dominate and, after a period when Alex looked like he may close the gap between the scores, Charles moved ahead and took the under 13 foil title by 10 hits to 5.

In the boy¹s junior foil, in spite of their youth, some very experience fencers competed strongly for the title. Alex Miller was the first to reach the final with a comfortable win over John Breslin. Jersey fencer Christian Myers gained the second place in the final with a surprise win over Gareth McCathie. The final saw Alex Miller, a far more experienced fencer, dominate completely and take the under 15 title.

In the under 17 competition Michael Beausire dominated totally he cruised into the final to face Jersey Fencer Sandeep Kembhavi. The Guernsey fencers experience was too much for the opponent, who had reached the final by beating Glen Ashworth of Guernsey, Michael cruised easily to a 15 - 2 victory. Michael continued his domination of the competition in the Epee. Reaching a final for the second time to face his opponent from the foil final Sandeep Kembhavi again. The Jersey fencer faired little better the second time round losing the match by 10 - 4.

Plate competition was held to give those fencers knocked out in the first rounds more competition. The plates were won buy Guernsey fencers Jamie Ellington in the under 13 and by Carl King in the under 15 competition.

The ladies under 15 competition was the only victory for Jersey fencers in the competition, it was also one of the most compelling. Rachael Taylor an experienced Jersey fencer had reached the final with comfortable victories. Her opponent in the final was a Guernsey fencer with only 3 months fencing behind her. Heidi Sheppard was fencing out of her skin. The match started badly for the Jersey fencer, unable to deal with Heidi's aggressive style the Jersey fencer fell behind. The match stayed very close with the Jersey fencer just managing to stay in touch. After 6 minutes of fencing the scores remained tied at 8 all. In the final 3 minutes, Rachael managed to creep ahead. A mixture of fatigue and inexperience led to a number of desperate attacks from Heidi, for a moment it looked like she may have drawn level, but, the Jersey fencer, now with her nose ahead, was not looking back and drew away to take the fight by 15 - 10, claiming the first and only title for Jersey.