GBBA Rules


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The Association shall be administered by a committee consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, First Division Representative and Second Division Representative.


An Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than twenty eight days after the inter-insular Match against Jersey.


The following shall be included in the business of the Annual General Meeting:

(i) Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.

(ii) Secretary’s report.

(iii) Treasurers Report.

(iv) Proposed new rules or changes to rules.

(v) Election of committee members.

(vi) Level of team registration fees.

(vii) Any other business.


Any proposed new rules or changes to rules must be received by the secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.


Nominations for Committee members must be proposed and seconded and must not be made without the consent of the nominee.


Only registered players from the previous season will be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.


An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held if considered appropriate by the Committee or if the Secretary receives a request, in writing, stating the business to be discussed and signed by at least seven registered players.


All meetings shall be chaired by the President or, in his absence, the Vice-President. In the absence of both the President and the Vice-President, a chairman shall be elected by those present.


At any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting or committee meeting, any item shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and voting. In the event of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a casting vote.


The quorum for a committee meeting shall be four members.


The Treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditure and shall submit annual accounts at the Annual General Meeting.


The Association shall operate such bank accounts as may be agreed by the Committee. Withdrawals shall only be made on the signatures of any two of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Team registrations shall be paid to the Secretary or Treasurer at or before the team’s first league match. Failure to do so will result in the team and players being disqualified from all competitions for the season.


Until the 31­­­­st December players shall be considered registered for a team once they have played for that team in that season. After that date new players must be registered with the Secretary not less than twenty four hours before playing their first match.


Permission for the transfer of a team from one house to another during the season shall be the subject of a committee decision.


Permission for the transfer of a player from one team to another during the season shall be the subject of a committee decision.


The selection committee for the team to represent Guernsey in the annual match against Jersey shall be the Association committee.


When the inter-insular match is held in Jersey, the travel costs of the President, Secretary and Team members (including a reserve) shall be met by the Association.


Any matter not governed by the Rules of the Association shall be determined by the Committee which shall if necessary, ensure that an appropriate new rule or change of rule is submitted for consideration at the following Annual General Meeting in accordance with rule 4 above.


The number of league divisions and the number of teams in each division shall be decided by the Committee.


There will be a captain for each team and the home team captain shall be responsible for sending to the Secretary a result card of each match, completed in ink and signed by both captains.

Teams failing to forward score cards to the Secretary within forty eight hours will have one point deducted from their league total, subject to the discretion of the Committee.


In league matches teams will receive one point for each game won. In the event of a drawn game each team will receive half a point.


Should any team resign from the league during the season all points scored against that team shall be cancelled and no points shall be awarded for outstanding un-played matches.


In the event of teams finishing level on points where a championship, promotion or relegation is at stake, the teams concerned shall play off at a neutral venue to be decided by the Committee.

The breaks will be decided by the toss of a coin, the winner having the choice of first, third and fifth, or second and fourth breaks.


The home team will provide a marker who will also act as referee and whose decision shall be final.


All scoring shall be audible to both players.


All players are to be at the match venue by 8.30 pm unless reasons are given to the opposing team captain before the match.


All tables shall run not less than fifteen and not more than seventeen minutes.


Before the start of each match the captains shall draw cards to decide who contests each game. The order of play will be at the discretion of the home captain.


The away team will take the break for each game, the home team to pay for the games.


No playing instructions shall be given to a player while a game is in progress.


All knockout matches shall be played at neutral venues determined at the time of the draw, unless all the players concerned agree to an alternative venue.


For individual and pairs knockout matches the first named player(s) shall be responsible for arranging the match. Failure to do so by the specified date will result in the match being awarded to the second-named player(s).


Individual knockout matches will be decided on the aggregate score of two games, with one opening break to each player. In the event of a player knocking over the black skittle in the second game he shall lose all his score, including that scored in the first game.

Players will toss a coin for choice of break.

In the event of a draw the match shall be replayed.


Pairs knockout matches will be played over the best of four games with one opening break to each player.

In the event of a draw the total aggregate scores will decide the match. If the aggregate scores are also tied the match shall be replayed.


All team knockout matches will be decided over the best of six games, with aggregate scores to decide the match in the event of a draw. If the aggregate scores are also tied the match will be replayed.

The breaks will be decided by the captains tossing a coin, the winner to choose first, third and fifth or second, fourth and sixth breaks.


If , in a knockout match, a team player is not present when called upon to play, his team will forfeit the match.


Any team captain who wishes to postpone or re-arrange a knockout or league match must give the opposing captain forty eight hours notice that he wishes to do so.

Failure to do so will result in the opposing captain having the right to claim the match. Any team shall have the right of appeal to the Committee should they contest the claim.


Any team lodging a protest must send the result card, signed by both captains and clearly marked “Signed under protest”, to the secretary together with a letter explaining the protest and a fee of £1. The fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld, otherwise it will go to Association funds.


All disputes or failures to adhere to the Rules of the Association shall be brought to the notice of the Secretary who will report to the Committee. The Committee shall have the power to provide for any contingency that may arise and shall have the power to impose any penalty it may deem necessary. Its decision will be final on all matters brought to its notice or otherwise.


The Rules of Play


The red ball will score double throughout the game, and when available may be used as the cue ball except at the break position when the red ball must be placed on the spot nearest the ‘D’ spot. The cue ball will at all times be placed on the ‘D’ spot.


A ball will be deemed to be in play once it has totally crossed the ‘D’ line.


Players committing any of the following fouls will lose any unregistered scores:

(a) Knocking over a white skittle.

(b) Failing to strike a ball in play with the cue ball.

(c) A ball mounting the cushion or falling off the table.

(d) Any part of a ball returning over the baulk line or ‘D’ line.

(e) If from the break position the balls are potted more   than three times consecutively.

(f) All balls which remain on the table must be at rest and balls pocketed must be clear of the holes before a break is resumed or one started. Non-compliance constitutes a foul.


Players committing the following fouls will lose both registered and unregistered scores:

 (a) Knocking over the black skittle.

 (b) Deliberately missing the object ball.


There is no penalty should a player knock over any skittle with his cue unless, in the opinion of the marker, he did so deliberately, in which case the penalty will be that which would have applied had he knocked the skittle over with a ball.


Should more than one of the fouls described in rules 43, 44 and 45 occur in the same shot the first foul to occur will count for the purpose of the penalty.


When all the balls are in play the nearest ball to the ‘D’ spot must be returned for use as the next cue ball. This also applies once the bar has dropped.

In the event of two balls being balanced over a hole when one of them has to be returned for use as the cue ball, the other must be held whilst it is removed, and then placed on the edge of the hole nearest to the point where it was balanced.


At no time must a ball be returned to a player via the holes.


If a skittle is knocked off its spot without falling, it will remain in that position until knocked over or the end of the break is reached, then be re-spotted before the next shot is made. In the event of a ball ‘propping’ a skittle the ball can only be removed by being played.


Should a ball on the lip of a pocket fall in whilst a player is in play, or once a player has completed his break (except when the bar is down), that ball will be replaced as near as possible to its original position before the next shot is taken. For this purpose a player will be deemed to have completed his break once he has left the table. When the bar is down no score is given for the ball and the next shot is taken in the normal way.


If, at the end of the game, only one ball remains, any unregistered score will be registered and the final ball played from the ‘D’ spot off one side cushion into either the 100 or 200 hole. The top holes will be covered and the white skittles placed in the 50 holes. Should the black skittle be knocked over rule 44 will apply. Each player will be permitted a maximum of five attempts to pot the final ball.