CrÍve Coeur Slab

The Slab is on the seaward end of the headland facing west above a tidal wavecut platform. Climbing is generally possible below half tide. Toproping is advised due to the height and hard landing. From left to right the problems are as follows:-

The Crack - Diff - follow the rightward trending hand / finger crack

The Wall - 6a - climb the slab 5ft to the right on tiny edges

The thin Crack - 5c - follow the incipient vertical crack 4ft to the right

The Layback - 5b/c - climb direct to the layback corner crack on the block high up 4 ft to the right

The ladder - 4c/5a - climb up the black streaks 5 ft to the right finishing in the sentry box

The Traverse - 5b/c - traverse the slab in either direction low enough to be able to step off.


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