Brenta Dolomites 2000

Here's some pictures Sam and I took during the 3 days we spent in the Brenta Dolomites. Using information from articles in climbing magazines and Paul's page we decided to try the 'Vie Ferrate' of the Brenta Dolomites above Madonna Di Campiglio.  I took us 14 hours to drive from Céuse in southern France to Lake Idro which is about 70 miles down the road from Madonna avoiding major cities and without using motorways.  Driving in Italy is definitely worse than driving in France, although we can't say much about the motorways as we didn't use them.  The remaining distance took us about an hour.

The Brenta Dolomites form the ridge dividing Madonna and Molveno.  The highest point is Cima Brenta at a 3110m, and Madonna lies at about 1520m.  The range is quite compact (you could walk from one end to the other in a day if you're really fast) which helps as it means that you can base yourself at one or two of the Refugio's and take in all of the 'Via's in the course of 3 or 4 days if the weather is good.  We drove 3 miles east from Madonna to Refugio Valsinella which is the closest you can get with a car unless the cable cars are running (24th June until 1st September I think)  We then hiked up to Refugio Tuckett via Refugio (can't remember the name!) which took us about 2 1/2 hours  with full 70 litre sacks.  The path splits halfway, the left-hand route is quicker but stays in the trees and the right-hand one is longer and harder terrain, but allows you out into the sunshine and warms you up for the rigors to come.

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Sam descending a ladder on the Sentier SOSAT(92Kb)        Descending into the ravine (SOSAT)(47Kb)

Mark on the 20m ladder (Sentier SOSAT)(57Kb)        View across the ravine (SOSAT)(45Kb)

Mark descending on the Sentier Bernini (36Kb)        Sam on the giant chockstone below the big ladder(64Kb)

Descending the snowfield from Bocca del Tuckett (31Kb)        Another view across the ravine (SOSAT)(56Kb)

Paul's excellent Dolomites Via Ferrata page

Madonna Di Campiglio


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