Latest News (13/12/01)

13/12/01 - Yeah, yeah, I know it's been ages since I did anything on this but I've been busy.  The summer was pretty good, and autumn too, although it's a bit cold at the moment.  I don't have anymore new routes to report, although  we took a couple of people out over the summer who made contact through this site and they enjoyed themselves.  The club is planning a '1st climb of the year' session on the afternoon of New year's day, email me for the details, it should be a good laugh.  Here's the NEW ROUTES page, please email me any corrections, or details of other ascents. 

15/6/01 - Today was the first real rain for a month.  Went to Gull Zawn on tuesday, Carl led Shot in the Dark seconded by Andy and James the cat. I led Rock of Ages seconded by Sam. Discovered that there are now seagull chicks by the descent path, so avoid the area for a month or so if you can. Am starting changing the background images to a more local theme too.

6/6/01 - Hello! I know it's been ages since the last update, but I've been away and it's been hot, dry and sunny for the past month! No new routes to report apart from the news that Martin Crocker has been over a couple of times and put up some more E5's. More details when I get hold of them!  Crag-wise There are plenty of seagull chicks at the top of Boulder Wall, so please avoid the area for a while.  Even though the winter was so wet the good weather has dried out most of the 'wet' routes such as Excalibur and the landslides have stopped.  Steve's found some more bouldering too.  There's now a dedicated New Routes page which should have some stuff on it this week (it's not up yet).

20/4/01 - Added a link to the guidebooks page to a mail order company.  Went to Gull Zawn on Monday and climbed 'Shot in the Dark', a climb I'd not done since 1990! I'm working on a page about the Zawn at the moment.  Paul G also has some piccies of local bouldering and Havelet wall on his site, hopefully he'll allow me to put the piccies on this site in the relevant places.

15/4/01 - I've eventually got round to adding the drinking link, suitable aided by Dan and Bron who showed us what a semi-conscious person looks like at our flat warming party (Sam and I also bought our flat last week so we're poor now!).

7/4/01 - The Trips page exists now and has links to Tim's expedition to Greenland and Paul & Steve's winter mountaineering course in Scotland as well as Mark & Sam's Via Ferrata exploits.  Didn't go climbing today due to Massive Surf caused by the strong SW winds of the past few days, although we managed a good turnout to do some top-roping at Le Gouffre last week.  The weather is finally great when it isn't raining and Sam had the sunburn to prove it!  

27/3/01 - Added a link to the campsite at Vilanova Des Prades in north-eastern Spain where Sam and I spent 2 weeks last summer.  Imagine Stanage in the Peak District, but the rock is limestone instead and there's a campsite at the bottom.  There are lots of routes, most of which  have been bolted within the last 2 years.  Overall, an excellent place to go on holiday as the beach is only 1 hour away ( if you drive like I do!) and it's sunny all year round.

17/3/01 - Added a page on the Pecqueries boulder and changed some background images.

16/3/01 - Added a page on the French Via ferrata and another link.

15/3/01 - Last weekend was 'Oakvale Challenge' which is when the local indoor wall is used to raise money for the school.  They raised around 16,000 which wouldn't have been possible without many hours of belaying done by GMC members.  I've put up some stuff on Le Jaonnet at last (it's in the crag index if you've not looked there in a while) and adjusted some of the 'Brenta Dolomites' thumbnails as they were really the full sized versions just displayed small, so they took faaaar too long to download! (that's the only problem with being on an ADSL connection, you forget how slow an analogue modem is :-( ) By now you will be familiar with the style of the site, and I think this is how it will look in the future.  If there's anything you'd like to see then let me know.  My web design skills are pretty limited, so don't expect anything much more complicated than what there is now (unless you supply the code!).

5/3/01 - It rained this weekend so we didn't go out, but last weekend was gorgeous so we spent the afternoon down on the crags at Le Jaonnet bay.  As is usual for recent trips we found a small landslide on the path down at Le Bette bay but nothing we couldn't bum-slide down!  I led a VDiff to remind myself how to place gear ,whilst Steve Giles led a HS and a severe.  Take care if you go down there as the belays aren't much better than sitting in a rabbit hole, and there's quite a bit of loose rock at the very tops of the routes.  I'll whack some piccies up soon.  I've also put more Dolomites piccies up too.

8/2/01 - Apologies for lack of updates, but I'm busy organizing buying my present residence instead of renting it.  I've updated the Via Ferrata page with a bit on the Brenta Dolomites and will hopefully post some more scrambling pictures as we went to Les Tielles last weekend and near the Pea stacks today.  Miraculously we haven't had much rain these past 2 weeks, although the approach scrambles to many crags are really dangerous, with landslides and rock falls in most places.  La Moye stack will possibly lose it's easiest descent before the summer.  More soon!

9/1/01 - It was the 1st cliff rescue of the year on Sunday, four guys from Essex managed to get cut off by the tide at Le Gouffre whilst scrambling (I think) and got stuck in the bushes at the bottom of the cliffs.  What can I say other than GET A TIDE TABLE!!! they're freely available from all local ship chandlers,  The Guernsey Press and they're HERE for your perusal!! Don't forget to check whether the times are GMT or BST, that hour could mean the difference between dry feet and wading through 1.2 metres of cold seawater (at the best of times)!  I've also tweaked the Via ferrata page and adjusted the main El Capitan background to make things easier to read.  Please drop us a mail to say what you think of the site and any potential improvements I could make, other than more content.  Don't forget to refresh this page everytime you look at it, otherwise it won't update.  If you know how to make a page auto-refresh please let me know!

6/1/01 - Hurrah!!! We had a warm sunny day! Go here to see pictures taken on a scramble from Saints to Moulin Huet Bay with our new digicam. It even takes 80 seconds of lo-fi movie with sound, so expect some bouldering vids this quarter (if it stops raining long enough!)

29/12/00 - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you've been blessed with good weather, because as usual for the past 3 months it's been raining (wettest November since 1979 I think).  It has been drier recently, but now it's below freezing, so we've still not been out!!  hopefully 2001 will be a lot better in the weather department and we can go out and do some real climbing!

/11/00 - No more stuff to report as the island has been beset by winds up to force 10 and enough rain to cause flooding. Check out the links page though, I've added a couple more to it. The site is also getting more traffic since it was listed on a couple of links pages, so hopefully the cliffs will see more traffic next summer!

20/10/00 - Not much to report other than wet weather! I've uploaded some piccies of a trip to Grey Buttress at Le Gouffre.  Luckily someone had a digicam, our scanner's still not in action. Steve Giles finally succeeded on his project at the Pequeries Boulder, some piccies of that coming soon too !

Latest News:- First of all, I'm very sorry about the lack of updates and local information! I've just been on a climbing/walking trip to europe for 5 weeks so I've not had time to do anything. Hopefully I'll get some piccies of people climbing on Guernsey uploaded soon, as well as some of the things we got up to on holiday. I am also in the progress of moving these pages from my personal account to the GMC site, so please let me know of any broken links!

Regarding local climbing news not much has been done in the way of new or interesting repeats so far this year due to persistent wet weather and people doing other things like kite surfing. Anyone intending to visit the island on a summer climbing trip would be well advised to let Mark know of their plans, as there are a couple of access issues like paths disappearinng into the sea etc.

One noteworthy bit of news is that Steve Gles has traversed Havelet wall from the slipway at Caslte Cornet to the slipway in the corner by the slaughter house. This was done solo at high tide and wasn't particularly hard (possibly 5a max) but at approximately 1000 feet long it's a real stamina job! Time taken.......2 hours 15 minutes!


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