Politicians of "Calibre"

One focus in the plans for Executive Government is to select politicians of a "high calibre". Here at GAP we wonder which, if any, of our current politicians qualify, and we can't help feeling that everyone will have a different idea of just what "high calibre" means. If you were asked to select the island's Cabinet Government, which politicians would you select as being of "high calibre"?

Please work through the list below and tell us if you think each politician is of high or low calibre, then press the SEND button. If you prefer, you can also print out this page, make your choices on paper (ticks or crosses only, please!) and post it to GAP at 6 Clos des Pointues Rocques, St Sampson. We'll let you know what you all think later!

Latest Results

Name Low Calibre High Calibre
John Gollop
Brian Gabriel
Judy Beaugeard
Laurie Morgan
Jean Pritchard
Rhoderick Matthews
John Roper
Brian Russell
Tony Webber
Roy Bisson
Leon Gallienne
Mike Burbridge
Kevin Prevel
Lyndon Trott
Ivan Rihoy
Dan Le Cheminant
Peter Bougourd
Peter Falla
Peter Roffey
Mary Lowe
Dave Jones
Rodney Collenette
Owen Le Tissier
Pat Mellor
Peter Derham
Eric Walters
John Langlois
Bernard Flouquet
Tom Le Pelley
Geoff Norman
Jonathan Le Tocq
Hunter Adam
Mike Best
Anne Robilliard
Martin Ozanne
Claire Le Pelley
Pat Robilliard
Peter Sirett
Francis Quin
Janine Le Sauvage
Mike Torode
Roger Berry
Bill Bell
Andrew Sauvarin
Dave Barrett
Rupert Evans
Brian de Jersey
Hirzel Dorey
David Grut
Brian Sheriff
Bill Robilliard
Susan Ephgrave
John Cleal
Mike O'Hara


Latest Results