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The following items are available for reference purposes from the library at the Finance Training Agency
Insurance Foundation Certificate
IF1 Insurance, The Market, Legal and Regulatory Background
IF2 General (Non-Life)
Certificate of Insurance Practice
P01 Insurance Practice
P02 Long-Term Insurance Practice
P03 Legal Aspects of Insurance
P04 Modern Business Practice
P10 An Introduction to Commercial General Insurances
P11 An Introduction to Personal General Insurances
P12 An Introduction to Long-Term Business
P13 An Introduction to Marine and Aviation Insurance
P15 An Introduction to Private Medical Insurance
P75 Transacting Private Medical Insurance
510 Risk and Insurance
511 Risk and Insurance (with special reference to Lloyds)
520 Company and Contract Law and their Application to Insurance
530 Business Environment
555 Life and Disability Underwriting
570 Financial Aspects of Long-Term Business
655 Risk Management
735 Life Assurance
740 Pension Law, Administration and Taxation
745 Principles of Property and Pecuniary Insurance
750 Commercial Property and Percuniary Insurance - Assessment and Underwriting
755 Liability Insurance
760 Personal Insurance
765 Motor Insurance
770 Principles of Marine Insurance
775 Marine Underwriting
780 Aviation Insurance
785 Reinsurance
815 Underwriting Management
820 Claims Management
825 Application of Reinsurance
920 Lloyd's Regulatory Requirements
925 Insurance and the Single European Market
930 Insurance Broking
935 Principles and Practice of Management in Insurance
940 Accounting and Finance for Managers in Insurance
941 Accounting and Finance for Managers in Insurance (Lloyd's)
945 Marketing
950 North American General Insurance Practice (with special reference to the US Market)
Financial Planning Certificate
FPC1 Financial Services and their Regulation
FPC2 Protection, Savings and Investment Products
FPC3 Identifying and Satisfying Clients Needs
Advanced Financial Planning Certificate
G10 Taxation and Trusts
G20 Personal Investment Planning
G30 Business Financial Planning
G60 Pensions
G70 Investment Portfolio Management
G80 Long-Term Care, Life and Health Protection
H15 Supervision and Sales Management
H25 Holistic Financial Planning


Last modified: November 06, 1999