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This site is provided simply to allow easy access to mental health information

People who have mental health problems often feel marginalised and rejected by society, misunderstood, ridiculed and prejudiced against.  Their conditions are often the butt of jokes, and much stigma is attached to having such a problem.  However, the statistics tell us that anyone can have a mental health problem, and that 1 in 4 of us (1 in 5 children) will require treatment at some time.  These problems may be enduring, or they may simply be a temporary glitch in an otherwise successful life and career.  (Majority recover from mental illness)

In history, neurological disorders were considered to be the result of, for example, demon possession.  We now know this is not the case, but society's attitudes towards mental health problems have changed little.   It is increasingly being recognised by researchers however, that many mental health problems may have a neurological foundation - some are due to an imbalance of   neurotransmitters.

There remains a lot we do not know or understand, but I hope that this site goes a little way to putting that right.

This site will continually be updated - please visit again!    Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for this site.  I welcome contributions to this site - either by submitting a link, offering local information, or an account of a personal experience    -  please contact me

Carol Bihet RMN RGN

I receive many e-mails asking who I am, so that researchers can credit the article with an author.   Although I have drawn on my experience both as a relative and professional for information in this site, I have also collated information from many sources.


I have compiled the links on this site to enable you to more easily conduct your own research into the relevant condition or treatment.  You are advised to thoroughly research, obtaining information from reliable sources - such as a national support group for the relevant condition.  If considering a treatment, ask the national support group, and speak to your doctor (and other professional if appropriate), about the pros and cons of the therapy.  Make an informed decision based on your findings.  Do not make a decision solely on what you read on web sites - not all offer reliable and accurate information.  I cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any of the websites linked from these pages

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09 April 2002


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