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Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) include Autism and Asperger Syndrome.  Autism occurs in 1 in 2000, but many others may have mild symptoms.   They are spectrum disorders which mean that there are varying degrees of severity.  Asperger Syndrome is a name used to describe people who function at a much higher level.  There are other forms of High Functioning Autism.   Those with Asperger tend to be of normal or above average intelligence.

ASD are developmental disabilities that will affect the way the person communicates and relates to other people.  These disorders affect the sufferer all their lives.

Areas affected will include social interaction, which causes problems in relationships.  The person appears indifferent to others.   Communication is affected due to the person's inability to correctly interpret non-verbal cues such as gestures, facial expression, tone of voice - and the reluctance to have eye contact with others.  The person may not be able to understand jokes or sarcasm, and interpret the words literally.  The person will often keep to a rigid routine, and have little imagination in activities (or rigid ideas).  Their behaviour is often seen as "odd" and is often repetitive.

These difficulties result in social withdrawal.   The person may also experience problems with their motor skills, and may appear clumsy.  In Autism there is delay or lack of verbal communication (speech), but no such delay in Asperger Syndrome - some of whom may be early talkers and have great verbal ability.

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