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Alcohol - Friend or Foe?

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People abuse substances, whether alcohol, drugs or whatever, for many different reasons.  Some may 'fall' into it after years of social drinking, or recreational drug use.  Some people seem to have a greater likelihood of becoming dependant, than others (through no fault of their own).

Some people use alcohol or drugs as a means of medicating themselves - perhaps to help them cope with anxiety or depression, low self-esteem, undiagnosed mental illness, painful physical condition etc.

Whatever the reason, the dependance will usually compound the problem, and cause more.

In addressing the problem of dependence, it is important to understand the reasons behind it, so that that problem can be addressed too.

Alastair Cooke's article 'Alcohol - Friend or Foe' goes into far greater depth.

Addictions may not involve other substances, but addictive behaviours such as gambling, or use of the internet.


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Alcohol - Friend or Foe?
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Drug Concern
GADAC - Guernsey Alcohol and Drug Advisory Council
Drug Strategy Online
Changing Minds - Alcohol & Drug Misuse
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
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Prescription Drugs

Prescription Medication Abuse
Benzodiazepines as Drugs of Abuse

Smoking / Nicotine

Quit Smoking UK
ASH   Action on Smoking and Health
Nicotine Anonymous
Quit Net
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A Parent's Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse
As a Matter of Fact....Inhalants


National Center for Responsible Gambling
National Council on Problem Gambling

Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction
Is Internet Addiction real?

Sex Addiction

National Council on Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Other Addictions

OverEaters Anonymous
Prescription Medication Abuse

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