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Borderline Personality Disorder is widely misunderstood - even by professionals.  It is popularly believed that BPD is untreatable, and that those with BPD are attention seeking and manipulative.

BPD affects perhaps 2 in every 100 people.  In the USA, 1 in 5 people admitted to mental health units, have BPD.  1 in 10 of all mental health out-patients have BPD.  The inadequate name 'Borderline Personality Disorder' came into being when it was initially thought that the condition was on the 'borderline' of psychosis and neurosis.

BPD sufferers present with a variety of symptoms which may include:

Self-Injurious Behaviours
Unstable Self-Image
Impulsivity  (without considering the consequences)
Unstable mood
Feelings of emptiness
Inability to plan ahead


It is said to never appear alone, but always co-exists with other conditions.  Eg.

Mood disorders (such as depression)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Alcohol or Drug Abuse
ADHD  (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Eating Disorders

Treatment consists of treating the symptoms - treat any depression with anti-depressants etc. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and in particular, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, is proving successful for people with BPD.  They are able to experience less anger, self-injurious behaviour, and fewer admissions to hospital than others. 

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