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If you need immediate crisis support - visit the Samaritans

General Mental Health Info Sites

MIND's 'Understanding' series of booklets
Mental Health in the UK
Scottish Association for Mental Health  SAMH
Mental Health Foundation
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Questions to Ask your Psychiatrist (needs Adobe Acrobat)
Mental Health at Medscape - Latest News
Patient Resources at Medscape
Young Minds       Concerned with the mental health of young people 
The Psychiatry Research Trust
Richmond Fellowship
Tulip Mental Health Group
Therapeutic Communities - Links
Talking about Hearing Voices

Factsheets from the Royal College of Psychiatrists  on a wide range of problems

The UK Mental Health Network

Mental Health Concerns & Issues    with links to other local (UK) sites

Simple Psych  - Mental Health in plain English
BBC article   'Mental Problems hit 1 in 4'
Internet Mental Health   USA
Mental Health InfoSource
Mental Health Concerns & Issues
Mental Health Directory    USA
Mental Health Matters USA
Mental Health Net
Mental Health at
Information Booklets
Mental Health InfoSource USA
Ask Noah - Mental Health Links USA
National Institute for Mental Health  USA
Factsheets from the Royal College of Psychiatrists on a wide range of problems
Mental Health Resources at
Yahoo Mental Health Links
Suite 101 Mental Health      Better mental health
Mental Health Links at DMOZ
NAMI more mental health links
The Care Centre
BMJ Papers

Telephone Helplines

Catherine's Mental Health Homepage

Mental Health & Disorders

Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society (Combat Stress)

Jewish Association for the Mentally Ill (JAMI)

Mental Health Media

The Mental Health Shop


UK People Support Mental Health  - Forum

alt.society.mental-health   Forum

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Medications & Treatment

Dr Koop Drug Checker
The Internet Drug Index
Medscape Drug Info  - search by disorder or drug
Pharm Info Net
Norfolk Mental Health Care Trust Pharmacy
Norfolk Drug Index
EmpowerNet  Maudsley Hospital
Depot Medication   RCPsych
Lithium Therapy  RCPsych
AntiDepressants   RCPsych
Tranquillizers & Sleeping Tablets  RCPsych
BNF  British National Formulary Online


Cognitive Therapy   RCPsych
Hope for OCD - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Mental Health
Types of Therapies
Psychotherapy RCPsych

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A-Z Mental Health Links

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Self-Help Books for Mental Health

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If you know of any other useful sites that should be listed here - contact me        I do not endorse any of the above links - I have not checked the whole content of each site.  In most cases I have only visited their Home Page


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