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A-Z Mental Health Links

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If you need immediate crisis support - visit the Samaritans



Shaw Trust helping with employment opportunities

Independent Patients Advocacy Service

ACORN - Mental Health Advocacy in the UK

CAIT   Citizen Advocacy Information & Training

UKAN - United Kingdom Advocacy Network

National Assoc of Citizens Advice Bureaux


CYMAR   Wales

Dudley User Involvement Development Group

North Staffs User Group

Survivors United Network

Asist - Advocacy Services in Staffordshire

And any of the charities for specific conditions

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General UK sites with further health information & links

Health in Focus

Contact a Family   Many links to many other organisations

Patient UK

BBC Health    Many links


Helplines UK

Charity Net

Mental Health UK links

Mental Health UK Self Help Groups

UK Health Centre

Mental Health in the UK

Information Exchange for the UK (mental health)

Feelgood UK  links to support organisations

PsychNet UK

The Care Centre
The U-Zone  - mental health for young people

Mental Health Information from the Royal College of Psychiatrists   on a wide range of problems

Guide to DSS benefits

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Natural & Complementary Therapies

Please see Natural & Complementary Therapies page

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Other  Support Forums

Body Dysmorphic Disorder    Self-Esteem

Revolving Doors Agency - Mental Health & Criminal Justice System

The Madness Group

The Matthew Trust  - caring in the community

UK Federation of smaller Mental Health Agencies

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy


Narcolepsy Action for Positive & Practical Solutions


Narcolepsy Info Page

Narcolepsy Facts

Narcolepsy Network

Narcolepsy Links

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Mental Health Act & Human Rights

Guernsey's Mental Health Law

UK Mental Health Act   (UK only - not Guernsey)

User Guide to the Mental Health Act  (UK only  - not Guernsey)

European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms

Human Rights Act 1998  (UK)

Human Rights Unit (UK)

European Human Rights Foundation

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Challenging Prejudice

Mental Illness still major stigma in UK  (news article)

Children's TV stigmatizes mental illness  (news article)

Working on the Verge of a Breakdown  (Guardian article)

Schizophrenia - Open the Doors

Ways to Combat Stigma

The Stigma of Mental Illness

Erasing the Stigma of Mental Illness

Stop the Stigma!   RCPsych

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A-Z Mental Health Links

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Self-Help Books for Mental Health

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If you know of any other useful sites that should be listed here - contact me 

I do not endorse any of the above links - I have not checked the whole content of each site.  In most cases I have only visited their Home Page


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