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Autistic Spectrum Disorders   -   Autism & Aspergers



Conduct/Behavioural disorders


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Young People's Mental Health

Children & Young People

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Education Help Zone   Guernsey

Special Needs Info Guernsey -  at Education Help Zone

Guernsey Grid for Learning

Special Needs UK

Children with Special Needs and the Statementing Process

Children who do not go to School  RCPsych Factsheet

Specific Learning Disabilities  RCPsych Factsheet

Statementing Q & As   UK Statementing & Special Educational Needs

IPSEA UK  Independent Panel for Special Education Advice

Advisory Centre for Education 

Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Emotional Cost of Bullying  RCPsych  

Special Educational Needs Support Service

SEN - A Parent's Guide     at Channel 4

Education Otherwise

The Satellite School

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Sexual Issues

Safeline  Survivors of Sexual Abuse (for Women)

Abuse Recovery UK

Sexually Abused?  -  Young Minds

Survivors Swindon - adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

MALE survivors

Survivors UK for Men

Sexual Abuse of Males

Survivors on the Net

Survivors Network

Stop it Now

Survivor Support



Child sexual abuse

Survivors Network

Responding to child sexual abuse

Dabs Books

You are not alone!

Suvivors of Incest Anonymous

Silent Tears - Domestic Abuse

Brain Abnormalities common in Survivors of Sexual Abuse  Medscape article

Internet Addiction
Is Internet Addiction real?
National Council on Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous

Sexual Identity

Sexual Identity - Kids in Crisis

Youth Assistance Organisation

How to Cope with Doubts about your Sexual Identity

The Journey Begins - Gender & Sexual Identity - Youth Section

Coming Out

Transvestism & Transsexualism

Gender Identity Disorder Sanctuary

Life on the Edge

Transgendered Resources

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Tourette Syndrome & other Tic Disorders

Tourette Syndrome Support UK

Tourette Syndrome - Now What?

Tourette Syndrome Plus

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A-Z Mental Health Links

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Self-Help Books for Mental Health

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