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31 July 2002

I haven't been able to update the site for some time.   I'm aware that some of the many links on these pages are broken links, and I apologise for not having the time to keep them up to date.  You can help by letting me know of any broken links.

Also people continue to send me requests to add a link to their site, or to include info on their book.  Again, I apologise for not responding.  I hope to update the site, but it probably won't be for a while. 

In the meantime, I hope the information and live links are useful.


I was reading this website,   http://www.geocities.com/queensmidnight/prayer/patchwork.html and found this article (at bottom of page).

If you're overly excited, You're happy;   If I'm overly excited, I'm manic. 

If you imagine the phone is ringing, You're stressed out;  If I'm imaging the phone is ringing, I'm psychotic. 

If you're crying and sleeping all day, You're sad and need time out;  If I'm crying and sleeping all day, I'm depressed and need to get up. 

If you're afraid to leave your house at night, You're cautious;  If I'm afraid to leave my house at night, I'm paranoid.  

If you speak your mind and express any opinions, You're assertive;  If I speak my mind and express my opinions I'm aggressive.

If you don't like something and mention it, You're being honest;  If I do don't like something and mention it, I'm being difficult.

If you get angry, You're considered upset;  If I get angry, I'm considered dangerous!

If you over-react to something, You're sensitive.   If I over-react to something, I'm out of control.

If you don't want to be around others, You're taking care of yourself and relaxing;  If I don't want to be around others, I'm isolating myself and avoiding.

If you talk to strangers, You're being friendly;  If I talk to strangers I'm being inappropriate.

For all of the above you're not told to take a pill or put in the hospital;  But I am.

Author unknown



21,000 visits - and 144 daily average for the past week (highest daily total 242 - although that does appear to be double the norm!)


Banned!  4.5.01

This week, Guernsey's Board of Health have introduced a new system for accessing the internet, and using a security/filtering control type software to enable access only to 'suitable' websites.  Mindinfo found itself to be a 'denied' site this week!   :-)   I'm not sure why yet, but perhaps the filtering software scanned the site and found what they considered to be unacceptable terminology amongst the links.  I have spoken to the IT department, and hoping BoH staff will soon be able to access us again!

Postscript  7.5.01    Welcome back Board of Health staff!!


A New Vision for Mental Health Care   26.4.01

Here's a good article - and it even links back to this site (bottom)


New Page 

Self Harm


10,000 Visits    8.4.01

The site received it's 10,000th visitor on April 3, and is (this week) averaging just over 100 visitors per day.  4 months ago the average was 25 visitors per day.  The highest number of visitors in one day has been 128.


Happy New Year!

I've expanded the Natural & Complementary Therapies section, and it now has it's own page

Natural & Complementary Therapies

Other new pages...

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Personality Disorders



Visitors Statistics    

The Bravenet Counter on the home page counts visits, rather than hits.  (A hit counter would be far higher).   Whereas a hit would register each time someone opened one of the site's pages - and therefore would register 6 hits if someone visited 6 pages - and 12 hits if they visited each page twice.  A visit counter will only register 1 count, for that person - however many pages they visit, or however many times they return to the site in a 2 hour period.   Page Views are just that - the number of times a page has been viewed, but again, reloads are not counted.  So, if a person views 6 pages twice, that will count as 1 visit, 6 page views, or 12 hits.

Average visits are 25 each day (highest in one day was 54) - 750 per month (stats from Bravenet - accessible via Bravenet counter at bottom of each page)   Update 8.4.01  (now averaging 100 visits daily)

The Hitbox counter counts the Page Views  - and mindinfo is averaging 2,000+ page views per month.

Whilst there were 4,200 Visits up to Dec 31 2000 - there were 11,500 Page Views in the same period

You can view the Hitbox Page View Statistics for the Year 2000 here


28 December

I'd like to slowly add new pages to the site, covering more mental health conditions or related issues.   I don't have to do them myself - and I'm asking others if they'd like to send something in.  It need only be a brief introduction to the condition or subject - followed by the list of links that's already on the site.  Subjects might include:  sexual abuse, advocacy, complementary therapies, eating disorders, personality disorders, autism & aspergers, cognitive behaviour therapy, dual diagnosis, fish oils, post-natal illness, psychosis, self-harm, social phobia, phobias, stigma, sexual identity etc.  Anything within the bounds of mental health.

I would rather the site be kept local - that is - written by Guernsey residents, although those outside the island will be able to benefit.

I'd also like to hear from others who could perhaps   give an account of what it's like to live with a mental health condition (or from their families/carers).

Please also send in any useful links you find that I could include at the site - or let me know about any dead links or mistakes.

Contact me


27 December 2000

The ADD/ADHD page is developing into something more, and already comprises several pages.  I am hoping that others will have some additonal input too.  So that it's easier to find - particularly if people are visiting this site just for the ADD information - I've given the section it's own identity.  If you let anyone know about the section - just tell them to type in      addinfo.co.uk     into their browswer's address bar, and it should find it.  It even has it's own logo

'addinfo' includes pages on Adult ADD, Inattentive ADD, and Conduct Disorders.  I would welcome any input - whether it's articles, suggestions, or comments.  I'm still learning a lot about the condition, so please let me know if I've made any mistakes, or misleading statements.

Another new page



Top Class?

Hey - I reallly like this review found on this page:   http://www.btinternet.com/~symon.price/html/links.html

I couldn't help but share it!



This is a really useful site that is especially valuable for those seeking relaxation techniques to reduce stress. Well laid out, clear and non-patronising, gives information and techniques concerning anxiety, self esteem, assertiveness and keeping well. Also promotes the power of music to help relax and heal. Also contains an extensive links section. Top class !

Rating  *****

And while we're on the subject, here's a few comments I've received recently via e-mail or the feedback form


12 December 2000

I have created several new pages recently, including 

Children & Young People


Adult ADD


Bipolar Affective Disorder

Alcohol - Friend or Foe?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Borderline Personality Disorder

NVQ Care Level 3

A - Z Mental Health Conditions

French Version


I have also changed the format of the links which used to be at the top of the mental health links pages.  I have listed them alphabetically on the A - Z page, which I hope makes things easier.  We now also have a French version, but I cannot claim credit for the translation (which is provided by Voila).  Just to make sure all the pages are visible, I've listed them on the Contents page.


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31 July 2002