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A-Z Mental Health Links

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British Association of Social Workers
British Psychological Association
The Cochrane Library
Community Psychiatric Nurses Association
Department of Health
DSM 4   (Diagnostic Statistical Manual - USA Diagnositc Criteria)
Electronic Library for Mental Health
Emergency Nurse
English National Board
The Florence Nightingale Foundation
Forensic Nursing Resource
Health Development Agency
Health Quality Service
Kings Fund
ICD 10  (International Classification of Disorders - European Diagnositc Criteria)
International Council of Nurses
Mole Conferences
National Mental Health Information Centre
NHS Centre for Reviews & Dissemination
POPAN  -  The Prevention of Professional Abuse Network
Royal College of Nursing
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health
Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health
World Federation for Mental Health
World Health Organisation
World Psychiatric Association

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Research & Evidence Based Practice

BMJ Evidence
Centre for Evidence Based Child Health London
Centre for Evidence Based Medicine
Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health
Centre for Evidence Based Nursing
CINAHL source
Clinical Effectiveness & EBP
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Cochrane Library
DARE  Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness
Evidence Based Health Care
Evidence Based Mental Health
Evidence Based Nursing
The Health Evidence Bulletin - Wales
Internet Grateful Med Searches several databases
National Electronic Library for Health
National Guideline Clearing House
National Research Register
Netting the Evidence
NHS Centre for Reviews & Dissemination
NHS EED  NHS Economic Evaluations Database
NICE  National Institute for Clinical Excellence
Nursing Standard Keyword Archive  Many articles
Project Connect
Psychiatric Nursing Research
PubMed Databases "Clinical Question" search option   Research Library
SIGN  Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network
TRIP Database -  searches 61 Evidence Based Databases
Turning Research into Practice
Wellcome Trust - Health Information on the Internet

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Clinical Governance & Clinical Supervision

Clinical Governance
Clinical Governance Resource Centre (Dorset)
Clinical Governance in London
Clinical Governance Links at Nursing Standard
Clinical Governance Research & Development
Clinical Governance Resource Pack
Clinical Supervision in Mental Health Nursing
Clinical Supervision in Practice
Clinical Supervison and the Practical Nurse
An Educational Overview
A First Class Service
Implementing Clinical Supervision - Information Pack
Journal of Clinical Governance
NICE   National Institute for Clinical Excellence
Position Statement on Clinical Supervision  UKCC
RCN Clinical Governance
RCN Guidance on Clinical Governance
The Wisdom Centre
See also links in Evidence Based Practice & Organisations

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Annals of Clinical Psychiatry
Archives of General Psychiatry
British Journal of Nursing
British Nursing News Online    News - updated daily
Evidence Based Nursing
Health Service Journal
International Journal of Psychoanalysis
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Mental Health Practice
New Scientist
Nurse Education Today
Nursing Standard
Nursing Times
RCPsych Journals
Psychiatric Times

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Brief Therapy
Brief Therapy What is it?
Brief Therapy Family Centre
Brief Therapy Practice
European Brief Therapy Association
Behaviour Online
Cognitive Therapy Website
Cognitive Therapy - Beck Institute
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - a primer
Cognitive Therapy   RCPsych
Hope for OCD - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Mental Health
An Overview of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for BPD
Dialectical Behavoural Therapy
About Hypnotherapy
British Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Hynotherapy FAQ
NeuroLinguistic Programming
NLP Info
NLP Training
Association for NLP
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Links
Psychotherapy RCPsych
Psychotherapy Links
Psychodrama UK
Reminiscence Therapy
Reminiscence Therapy
SONAS & Snoezelen
Psychedelic Room helps Dementia Patients
Multi-Sensory Environments
Validation Therapy
Validation Therapy
What is Validation Therapy?
Art Therapy
ECT links
Family Therapy
Medications/Drug Searches
Natural/Complemetary Therapies
Transactional Analysis
Types of Therapies

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Other Resources
Preparation of Mentors & Teachers        (needs Adobe Acrobat)
Placements in Focus                                    (needs Adobe Acrobat)
Archive of Papers
Brutish Nursing - Student Nurses site
Centre for Health Information Quality
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Computers in Mental Health
ECT Survey
Forensic Psychiatry
Forensic Psychiatry on-line
Forensic Psychiatry Links
History of Psychiatric Nursing
Information for Health Strategy
Inter Psych
Kings College Resources
Kings Fund Links page
Medical World Search
Medline Plus
Medscape Psychiatry
National Electronic Library for Health
National Library of Medicine
National Service Framework for Mental Health
National Vocational Qualification - in Care
Nursing Around the World
Nursing Events
Nursing & HealthCare Resources on the Internet
Nursing UK Links
NVQ Care
Occupational Therapy Links
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
PsychJam Mnemonics
Psychiatry & Mental Health Metalist
Psychiatry Online
PsychNet UK
Transtheoretical Model of Change
Yahoo Mental Health Links
Violence & Aggression
Violence Resources
Dealing with Violence & Aggression
National Control & Restraint General Services Association
Management of Imminent Violence
The Learning Company (Guernsey)
Aggression & Violence:  Examining the Theories
Seclusion in Psychiatry
Discussion Forums
Search Usenet Discussions at Deja   Discussion Forum (at Deja)  or via your newsreader
UK Nursing Forum
Mailbase Psychiatric Nursing Discussion

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