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Children and Young People suffer mental health problems too (1 in 5).   Some conditions have an onset in childhood, such as ADHD / ADD and related conditions Oppositional Defiant Disorder,  Conduct Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, and Autism/Aspergers

Other conditions like Obsessional Compulsive Disorder,   Bipolar Affective Disorder (Manic Depression),   Depression,   Anxiety,    Eating Disorders  and  Schizophrenia can affect young people, although the symptoms may appear slightly different to the adult version.  (See links under the relevant conditions for more information, or visit the general young people related links below)

Young children particularly, but also older children and teenagers may have difficulty expressing their feelings, thoughts and anxieties.  They are also more likely to be confused about how they feel and why, and less able to ask for help.

Parental Mental Illness can also cause problems

Family or friends of the young person, are often the first to pick up on any problems having observed changes in their behaviour, such as:

crying a lot
sleep problems
not talking to people or going out with friends
eating more or less than usual
giving up hobbies
feeling lazy, bored or tired
not wanting to go out
stealing or getting into trouble
not doing well at school
not looking after themselves
low self-esteem
acting recklessly
skipping meals
drinking alcohol or using drugs
refusing to go to school or truanting
prefering to be alone

There could be any number of reasons of the change in behaviour/mental health.  Some examples may include:

family problems
school pressure eg exams
emotional problems
peer pressure
sexual problems
change in home circumstance
ill family member
relationship problems
mental health problem (see some conditions above)

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Telephone Helplines

Guernsey Telephone Numbers and Support
ChildLine  0800 1111  -   free counselling for all children & young people
Samaritans   0345 909090
Anti-Bullying Campaign  0207 378 1446
Carers Line    0207 490 8818
Youth Access   0208 772 9900
Careline  0208 524 1177
NSPCC National Child Protection Helpline   0800 800 500
Eating Disorders Association  01603 765050
Brook Advisory Centres  0207 713 9000   counselling on emotional and sexual problems
Advice Advocacy  0800 616101   for young people in local authority or foster care


Young Minds     Concerned with the mental health of young people 

@ease    interactive site for young people


Youth2Youth   National Helpline  

The U-Zone

Reach Out - addressing youth suicide (Aus)


Young People & Self-Harm

TheSite for young people - advice on sex, drugs etc

Childhood Anxiety

Parents Guide to Drugs

Facts for Families

Mental Illness in the Family?

Questions & Answers about Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Symptoms & Mental Illness affecting Teenagers

Depression in Children and Young People   Written for young people

Suicide and Attempted Suicide in Young People  RCPsych

Deliberate Self-Harm in Young People  RCPsych

Child & Adolescent Mental Health  RCPsych

Mental Health & Growing Up  RCPsych Factsheets

Eating Disorders in Young People   RCPsych

Child Abuse  RCPsych




Practical Parenting Tips - coping with children's behaviour

Parenting Q & As

BBC Health - Parenting

Therapeutic Activities and Games

Learning to Soar  raising self-esteem of children with ADD

Building Self-Esteem in Children
How to develop self-esteem in our children

Music Therapy for Children & Adolescence

Music Therapy in Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Music Therapy for Young Children with Special Needs

Sexually Abused?  -  Young Minds

Sexual Issues - Abuse, Sexual Identity etc


Education Related Links

Also check under the various conditions for sites specific to young people


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