There is no training or activites in the SCC involving hand guns

The use of firearms in the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) falls into three categories:

1. Ceremonial Drill Training

A drill purpose (DP) weapon is used for ceremonial drill training which is a valuable medium for teaching
self discipline, teamwork, precision and co-ordination.

The standard SCC DP weapon is a Mark 4 Lee Enfield .303 rifle, in TS Sarnia we use the L1A1 SLR.

2. Target Shooting

Target shooting is a SCC proficiency and encourages a well recognised sporting (Olympic not Military) skill which involves self control, discipline and co-ordination of hand and eye. Target Shooting is carried out under the auspices of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the National Small Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) rules with further guidance from the Cadet Council Rifle Shooting (CCRS) committee, SCC is represented on the CCRS. Sea Cadet Instructors are qualified to conduct range training in accordance with the current regulations for the conduct of ranges. Target shooting in the Sea Cadet Corps falls into four categories:

  1. Air Rifle - using the .177 Air Rifle.
  2. Small Bore - using No. 8 (.22mm) Rifle
  3. Full Bore - using the Cadet target rifle L81A2 (7.62mm) and Cadet GP rifle (5.56mm).
  4. Live Firing of the L98A1 and the Light Support Weapon is conducted under target rifle regulations as part of the MCD training syllabus.

3. Dry Weapon Training (Blank Firing)

Dry weapon training as part of the MCD syllabus using the L98A1 rifle (cadet single-shot version of the 5.56mm SA80) and the 5.56mm Light Support Weapon (Automatic).

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