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December 2002


Editor: Angela Chilcott




You are invited to

 an Evening of

 Murder, Mystery & Suspense


An Evening of Opportunity!

Bring your Friends - Bring your Family

Introduce a new'Friend' to St James and receive

complimentary lunch at Jimmy's

or a free ticket to a FOSJ event

Test your aeronautical skills.

Pilot your construction furthest across the Aerodrome

(Building materials will be provided on the night)

Win a magnum of Champagne

Explore the labyrinth in search of hidden treasure

and pray that you do not encounter the villain on your journey!

Join the Connoisseurs Challenge

Sample a varied selection of vintages

7 for 7.30pm, Thursday 27th February

Entrance Fee - bottle of wine per person

Pizzas & Hot Dogs available

Tickets Must Be Obtained In Advance

Call or Visit the Box Office Now Tel: 711361 Before It Is Too Late!


Message from the President

The last two years at St James have seen tremendous changes and I can assure you that 2003 will be no exception.


Your Council has started the year working hard to ensure that fund raising continues - with the charge being led very ably by Edward Fattorini and his team of Carol Goodwin, David le Lievre and Jamie Doggart. We are also increasing our marketing of the new Dorey Centre rooms - we are holding a number of lunchtime buffets for our corporate friends to encourage them to use the Centre as an extension of their offices for training, seminars, client receptions - indeed for the widest variety of events.


We are also having our Friends' Evening on Thursday 27th February and I look forward to welcoming you to that event, which will be an evening of fun - bring the family and bring some friends to show them St James and let's hope they decide to become our "friends" too!


We do of course have the restoration work starting on the old building at the beginning of February and I hope you will bear with us - as you did during the building of the Dorey Centre - as those works will take us through to July. I am delighted that at long last our landlord (The States of Guernsey) is spending some badly needed money on the exterior of the building where we are looking a little shabby. At the end of the restoration work the old St James will look superb - I know we are all looking forward to that.


And what would Guernsey be without some controversy? Many of you will have seen the debate in the Press surrounding the colour of the front of the building. Heritage believes that the restoration should take the building back to the time it was built when - in the Greek Revival style - the front would have been white. This is in contrast to Elizabeth College, which is in the Gothic style and would have originally been that mellow honey colour it is today. In the meantime, however, the colour of St James has mellowed and we believe, as a Council, that this should be retained as far as possible.


There are also plans to reintroduce steps to the front of the building and again, on the grounds of safety and practicality, we would prefer the status quo to remain. We are certainly not against restoring and preserving our very fine architectural heritage in Guernsey but we believe that this should be done in a pragmatic way which blends with the needs of today, that can be achieved successfully and we will work hard to that outcome.


So, a busy year is in store. Please use St James even more this year than you perhaps have in the past. We all look forward to extending our warm welcome to all those who visit.


Peter Niven


New-look Council

The Council of the Friends of St James has rather a new look to it since the AGM. Although a few of the stalwarts have moved on there is still a depth of experience there together with some 'new blood' which augurs well for the future. To those who have left we must offer a sincere word of gratitude for all the hours they put in during the recent years of fundraising and the building of the Dorey Centre. What a wonderful legacy they have given us. To the new members we say 'welcome' and we look forward to exciting events and more evenings with world class performers.

Just to remind you, here is a full list of Council Members:


Peter Niven (President)

Carol Goodwin (Vice President)

Graham Beveridge (Hon. Treasurer)

Stephen Oliphant (Hon.Secretary)

Bob Thompson (Hon. MinutingSecretary)

Elected Members:

Tim Cooper,

Edward Fattorini,

Stephen Jones,

David Le Lievre,

Kerry Luscombe,

Clive Maides,

Dick Outhwaite

Ex-Officio Members:

Kirstin Simon (Director)

Gill Freeman (St James Youth Promotions Trust)

John Dempster (National Trust)

Derek Neale (Education Council)

Dep. John Roper(States Arts Committee)

Dep. Roger Berry (Board of Admin)

Pre-Concert Meals at Jimmy's

Evening meals prior to a concert are growing in popularity. Jimmy's did a roaring trade during the 'Oddsocks' week. And of course it is one way of getting a good seat at the theatre.

Business as Usual

All being well the refurbishment of the exterior of St James will be going ahead shortly and will last for about 24 weeks. Although inconvenient, it will certainly be of great benefit to all our patrons in the long run. We are assured that the programme of events will go ahead as planned and the contractors will do their best to make sure that we are as comfortable as possible. Since we have been quite used to scaffolding, etc, in the walkways over the past two years, it should not be a problem. And just think what a sparkling new-look St James will be like by the end of the summer! But will it be honeybrown or off-white ? Watch this space.

Welcome to 2003

What a busy time we had in January! No sooner had the final chords of the John Rutter 'Magnificat', Vivaldi's Gloria, and Elgar's Sea Pictures died away, (and what a wonderful beginning to 2003 it was) we were engulfed in the comedy and mayhem of Oddsocks and their unique style of Shakespeare. The Old Bard would surely have approved of this hilarious rendition of The Merry Wives of Windsor.

We can but look forward to their return in the summer and next January.

St James Christmas Music Quiz 2001

Unbelievably we had an entry for last year's Tape Quiz just after Christmas - just 11 months too latel Was this the fault of Guernsey Post? We think not. But we are told that the Quiz is still causing amusement and frustration among a number of local families. The answers are still available from the Box Office (for 50p !). A number of people enquired about another Tape Quiz, and it is hoped that one will be put together for next October in readiness for those Christmas family parties.

CD Sale

If you are looking for a bargain why not try the selection of CDs at Reception. The choice of music is wide-ranging and there might be just the piece you are looking for. And of course, if you have any CDs you would like to pass on, they will be gratefully received.

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