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World Music Series 2003



A Series of Four Concerts

Buy a season ticket for only £35, FOSJ £30,

Students £15 or book individually

Pre-show suppers are available before each Concert in the Series





8 pm


from the Appalachian Mountains, USA

Bluegrass is a music rooted in both European and African tadititions with touches of Celtic, string band, ragtime, blues, jazz and gospel music. It developed in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina and Virginia, largely due to the region’s isolation. As America spread west, Appalachia was somewhat ignored, the music of the region thereby receiving few further outside influences and staying truer to its roots than more modern musics. It was performed on what were predominantly home-made instruments and oral tradition was extremely important with songs and themes being passed on by musicians who could not read music (and in many cases, could not read). Popular themes include songs of nostalgia, for the home or lost times, songs of faith, family, tough times, lost love and many, many murder ballads for it was a violent life in a violent age. Today, bluegrass is the soundtrack to many a movie and sells in the millions.

Tickets £12 (£10 FOSJ), £9 (£8 FOSJ), £5 Students, £5 Restricted View





8 pm



from Bolivia

Acknowledged as the most exciting group to appear on the Andean music scene for over a decade, this formidable virtuosi line-up offers a wide-ranging programme of Bolivian and Latin American music to display its myriad talent. Using the traditional Andean combination of wind, percussion and string instruments, Kallawaya aim for artistic excellence and diversity in performance. Their programmes encompass traditional and popular styles introducing elements of latin jazz to create an impressively contemporary sound. The group took Bolivia by storm with its first album and rapidly established its reputation in Japan on its first international tour which ended in a sell-out concert in Tokyo in 1999.

Tickets £12 (£10 FOSJ), £9 (£8 FOSJ), £5 Students, £5 Restricted View





8 pm



from the Evangeline region of Prince Edward Island, Canada

‘Barachois’ - the Acadian word for shallow pools of water separated from the sea by sand dunes

Barachois plays Acadian traditional music - a rhythmic, high-voltage style born in the heart of a culture kept alive through two and a half centuries on tiny Prince Edward Island, Canada. The songs were brought over from France with some of the first settlers in North America, and been infused with other influences along the way - most recognisable, the Scottish and Irish fiddling styles. As the tide of French settlement in the New World receded, it left behind small communities - these ‘barachois’- seemingly quiet and still and peaceful. The music has been passed down through generation after generation by way of kitchen parties and community dances and gatherings. It is a musical genre all of its own, filled with passion and filled with life.

Tickets £9 (£8 FOSJ), £4, £4 Restricted View





8 pm



from the North Tyne Valley of Northumberland

An acclaimed performer of the fiddle and Northumbrian smallpipes, Kathryn Tickell brings English folk music to the Channel Islands. The instrumentation comprises guitar, melodeon, bass guitar, as well as the fiddle and pipes. Since 1986 Kathryn has toured nationally and internationally and recorded extensively with her Band. In 2002 her 10th album was released, featuring duets and trios in traditional style. She has also recorded with artists such as The Chieftains, the Penguin Café Orchestra and Sting (3 albums). Her many accolades include being named as ‘Top Instrumentalist in the Folk Roots’ Poll and she also been the subject of several TV documentaries. In September 2001, Kathryn performed as part of the ‘Last Night of the Proms’ celebrations, the first time the event had included traditional folk music and she also became a part-time lecturer on the Folk and Traditional Music degree course at Newcastle University.

Tickets £9 (£8 FOSJ), £4 Students, £4 Restricted View

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